The FBI said it had no choice but to seek a court order to force Apple to create a backdoor into the iOS platform. But there are some facts of this case that — when seen together — paint a clear picture of the FBI creating and exaggerating the problem it says it can't solve without a backdoor into the iPhone.


It would be hard to think of a group that is more vilified as exploitative than oil men. Yet everything that Tom Hill of KimRay does shatters that perception.

The world's largest private-sector coal company will miss making $70 million in interest payments for lack of money. Government regulations play a part in this.

During testimony on March 9 before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Loretta Lynch — responding to a question from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) — said that the matter of whether to refer a civil case against the fossil fuel industry for denying that carbon emissions cause climate change to the FBI “has been discussed.”

We all want to leave the world a better place for our children, as the United Nations would share in that sentiment.

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