VIDEO - During the interview, Lord Monckton highlighted the absolute failure of the UN's wild predictions on climate and overpopulation. However, there are real environmental problems that need to be addressed in a sensible manner, he concluded.
VIDEO - During this interview, Lord Monckton offers his thoughts on the final document that came out of Rio+20, known as "The Future We Want." He also discusses whether the outcome was a step forward or a step backward for the United Nations agenda, concluding that it represents a significant blow to the whole scheme.

A new study of the methodology and placement of weather monitoring equipment has found that misplacement of such equipment is giving a false estimation of the threat of global warming.

VIDEO - During this interview, Lord Monckton offers his thoughts on why the American media did not extensively cover the conference like in the past and why so many world leaders stayed away.

The Internet-based whistleblower website WikiLeaks appears to have won some battles to recover its financial infrastructure in the past few weeks, winning the first stage of a legal battle in Iceland with Visa Corporation and gaining a French source for accepting donations in the Fund for Defense of Net Neutrality (FDN2). But a WikiLeaks satire of former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller — admitted as a phony by WikiLeaks July 29 on its Twitter feed — threatens to undo much of the organization's credibility. FDN2 claims that banks and credit card companies are legally bound to honor the French-based “Carte Bleue” transfer system. 


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