After the significant defeat that confronted environmental extremists at last year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, organizers for the 2010 conference in Cancun are trying to avoid a repeat of that failure. A significant reason for the failure of last year’s conference — apart from the greed of Third World nations looking to grab billions of dollars from the First World — was the unwillingness of the Chinese to join the economic suicide pact demanded by environmentalists.

life-like planetThe discovery of a planet circling Gliese 581, a red dwarf star, has led to a round of press reports discussing the existence of an “Earth-like” planet. 

human skinResearchers may have discovered a less controversial alternative to stem cells that could potentially treat conditions like Parkinson's disease and diabetes. This alternative is allegedly so effective that it has the potential to be used by the military to mitigate battlefield injuries.

Nearly a year has passed since President Obama’s controversial Augustine Committee’s report recommended a dramatic change in the future of NASA’s manned space flight program. However, it seems that little has changed on Capitol Hill. The recently-adopted NASA budget is approximately the same as previous appropriations—$19 billion for 2011—while dramatically reducing the amount to be spent on commercial space vehicles and accelerating development of a heavy launch vehicle which would be needed for manned flights to the Moon and eventually Mars.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has once again found himself in the midst of controversy. This time, however, the controversy has nothing to do with China, or even Apple; instead, it revolves around his vision of a technological utopia.