InternetJulius Genachowski, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has proposed extending FCC regulation of the Internet and wireless carriers for the sake of so-called net neutrality.

over populationIn November, the World Health Organization (WHO) will release a study on population growth and climate change that claims contraception plays a key role in combatting global warming.

climateAs the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference draws nearer, almost every day brings a new headline from environmental alarmists threatening the imminent end of the world unless all nations submit to their agenda. Today’s threat? Overpopulation — with a Third World spin.

Google sign at HQThe Attorneys General from at least five states have filed briefs critical of Google’s proposed settlement with book publishers and authors, MarketWatch reported on September 17. The attorneys general have copyright concerns regarding Google's plans to create a huge database of out-of-print books. (For background information on these plans, see our September 9 article “Many Filings on Google Books Settlement.”)

smokestacksDocuments obtained this week from the U.S. Treasury Department reveal the Obama administration's plans for a massive global-warming tax through "cap and trade" legislation that has already passed the House. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) requested the Treasury documents (PDF) under the Freedom of Information Act and was given an edited version of five records that indicated the cost to American taxpayers would be from $100 - $200 billion per year.