A nullification bill submitted in the Michigan state House of Representatives would nullify any presidential edict, including executive orders and policy directives.

A bill filed in Texas for 2017 would restore the right of citizens of that state to carry a weapon without permission of the government.

In the wake of the announcement that “Officer Vinson’s use of deadly force was lawful” in the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott, a new wave of protesters have marched in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. And while the protests have been described as “mostly peaceful,” there is cause for concern. These protests and the actions and sentiments of many of those involved are part and parcel of an ongoing attack on the very fabric of American civilization and heritage.

The decline in credibility of the mainstream media is an opportunity for other publications, such as this one, to fill the void.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have claimed “the popular vote,” but the truth is that the system is so exposed to fraud and closed to oversight that nobody knows who’s right.

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