Exactly 400 days after Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times, killing him, Chicago police released a video of the shooting. On the same day, Tuesday, Cook County prosecutor Anita Alvarez also charged the police officer with first degree murder.

CAIR is determined to silence its critics by any means, including using frivolous lawsuits designed to harass and intimidate.

The criminals saw their opportunity and they took it. As this scam is exposed it may reach all the way to the top.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is an avowed “Democratic Socialist,” a term he endows with all positive meanings. But functionally, it’s similar to communism.

When Ahmed Mohamed "made" a clock that looked like a bomb and took it to school, he  was thrust into the media spotlight. He was showered with gifts and fame. He was invited to the White House and given all-expense-paid trips where he met and was applauded by other heads-of-state. He tweeted and Instagrammed all of his adventures and is smiling in all of the pictures. All of this adds up to his being a victim, and only $15 million will make the pain go away.

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