When Ahmed Mohamed "made" a clock that looked like a bomb and took it to school, he  was thrust into the media spotlight. He was showered with gifts and fame. He was invited to the White House and given all-expense-paid trips where he met and was applauded by other heads-of-state. He tweeted and Instagrammed all of his adventures and is smiling in all of the pictures. All of this adds up to him being a victim, and only $15 million will make the pain go away.

Lost amid the discussion about admitting Syrian refugees to the United States is the fact that that only three percent of the Syrian refugees coming here are Christian, though they faced genocide and the Muslim refugees usually didn't.


Democrats have re-introduced yet another gun control bill, but this is not just another attempt to do an end-run around the Constitution but a frontal attack on it and its Bill of Rights.

One question that has been hovering in the background of Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal is whether she allowed classified information to be viewed by anyone without proper clearance. On Wednesday, that question was moved to the forefront when the Senate Judiciary Chairman sent a letter to a former Clinton aide who sorted the e-mails for deletion. He wants to know whether that aide possessed the appropriate clearance to view the hundreds of e-mails which are now known to have been classified.






Donald Trump has promised that if he is elected, he will "Make America Great Again!" Apparently, that "greatness" includes the type of torture that was rejected by many Americans when it was practiced under the last Republican president. "The Donald" wants to bring back waterboarding.


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