The USA Freedom Act, passed in the Senate yesterday by a 67-32 vote and quickly signed by the president, purports to “reform the authorities of the Federal Government” to (among other things) conduct electronic surveillance for “foreign intelligence, counterterrorism, and criminal purposes.”

Much of the complaining about federal overreach in relation to new gun restrictions misses the main point: Neither Congress nor the executive branch has authority in this area.

The FBI has been secretly operating a small "civilian air force" of low-flying planes equipped with high definition cameras that capture video and still pictures of the area below the planes. Some are also equipped with cell site simulators which mimic cell towers and capture data from all mobile phones in the area.

Senator Rand Paul and a bipartisan coalition of congressmen are calling for the release of the redacted portion of the 9/11 report.

In Great Britain the world is upside down: Attackers go free while victims go to jail. By comparison, America looks pretty good. 

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