In yet another show of political correctness run amok, Jackson Hole High School in Jackson, Wyoming, canceled its annual “America Pride Day” and replaced it with “College Day.” Fortunately, the students and families of Jackson Hole protested the American way, by appearing at the event dressed in the same patriotic garments they would typically wear at the annual “America Pride Day” event.

Speaking during an interview with the BBC conducted in Moscow on October 5, former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden said that he has offered to go to prison “many times” if the U.S. government would offer him a plea deal that would allow him to return home. However, he is still waiting for the government to respond to his overtures.



As U.S. politicians call for more gun control laws after a massacre in Oregon, the country of Australia has suffered a terror attack by a teen, despite that country's strict gun control laws.

New York, Atlanta, Denver, and Minneapolis have joined the Justice Department's Strong Cities Network, an initiative administered by a European think-tank targeting "right-wing extremists."

With funding from billionaire activist George Soros, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is leading a charge by Democratic mayors to support President Obama’s plan to “surge” waves of Syrian “refugees” into the United States. The mayors say they want Obama to bring even more than now planned!


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