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Speaker of the House John Boehner, speaking to a group of donors at a Republican Party fundraiser last month, pledged that the House would pass several immigration bills this summer. Several attendees at the fundraiser told the Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler that Boehner said he was “hellbent on getting this done this year.”

Former FBI agent and White House whistleblower Gary Aldrich's Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty had its tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS.

Elected officials from across the American West, from top lawmakers to county commissioners, held a historic gathering in Utah in recent days to discuss how Western states could wrest control of the almost 50 percent of land in the region currently claimed by the federal government. Aside from constitutional concerns — with a few exceptions, the U.S. Constitution does not authorize ownership or control over land by the political class in Washington, D.C. — the Western leaders and legislators cited economic harm, environmental degradation, loss of tax revenue, and numerous other reasons for the effort.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) falls short on constitutional, sovereignty issues.

April 15 was the deadline for residents of New York to register so-called “assault weapons” that they owned before the passage of the state’s SAFE Act gun control law. But on the day of the deadline, pro-Second Amendment advocates, in an act of protest, gathered in downtown Buffalo to shred gun registration forms.

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