A gathering storm awaits the president when he arrives in Roseburg, Oregon, on Friday to promote his anti-gun agenda.

Three-fourths of “Syrian refugees” entering the Nordic state are young males, and most are from Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan, according to the Finnish Interior Ministry.

A federal judge invalidated a New Mexico statute giving counties the power to cut down trees in areas prone to wildfires.

Politico says illegal immigrants may sway the 2016 elections based on manipulation of the Electoral College mechanism, causing Hillary Clinton to win.

In yet another show of political correctness run amok, Jackson Hole High School in Jackson, Wyoming, canceled its annual “America Pride Day” and replaced it with “College Day.” Fortunately, the students and families of Jackson Hole protested the American way, by appearing at the event dressed in the same patriotic garments they would typically wear at the annual “America Pride Day” event.

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