Congress has returned to Capitol Hill with yet another packed agenda, including votes on the budget, highway funding, and tax break extensions. The current government funding bill is set to expire December 11, giving Congress less than two weeks to pass a spending bill that would avoid a holiday government shutdown. But reaching an agreement could prove difficult.



Concerns by some administrators and students about students being allowed to carry on campus is much ado about nothing: Crime will decline while carrying concealed becomes commonplace.

A background check, no matter how rigorous, would never have picked up Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear and kept him from purchasing and using a firearm.

Paul Ryan reneged on his promise to fix the broken system of bill consideration in the House of Representatives.

Agendas were in full public display following the massacre of innocents at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Nothing was mentioned about the massacre of countless unborn innocents there every week.

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