The joy of the first override of one of President Barack Obama's vetoes is likely to fade as its future negative impact on U.S. security and intelligence services is revealed.

Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) has introduced S. 3379, the “Surface Transportation and Maritime Security Act,” which would establish within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) the “Surface Transportation and Maritime Security Advisory Committee.”

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma has introduced a bill that would punish abortionists who end the life of an unborn baby by means of tearing it limb from limb. Though the Guttmacher Institute asserts that 88 percent of abortions in America take place in the first trimester, the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act would impact 95 percent of abortions that take place in the second trimester.  

With little support for impeachment from the Republican establishment, and voters' notoriously bad memories, IRS commissioner John Koskinen is likely to escape unblemished for targeting conservatives and covering it up, just as Lois Lerner did in 2013.

On Wednesday, the House Veterans Affairs Committee issued a subpoena to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the purposes of investigating the ballooning budget of a Denver-area VA hospital currently under construction, as well as the recently revealed art and interior design expenditures at numerous VA facilities nationwide.

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