It was another near miss for Congress, as the House and Senate managed yesterday, with just hours to spare, to pass a spending bill to fund the federal government past midnight.

On Monday, the Senate voted to advance a bipartisan spending bill to fund the government beyond September 30 and avoid a shutdown. The measure, which requires final approval by both the Senate and the House, would keep the federal government funded through December 11.






Much of the tension in congressional debate on a Continuing Resolution spending bill has surrounded funding for Planned Parenthood, which is the subject of controversy as a result of recently released videos revealing the organization’s participation in a organ harvesting scheme. It now appears that a clean Continuing Resolution will be passed, absent of riders to defund the organization. As a result, Republicans are looking to create a special panel to investigate Planned Parenthood instead. GOP leadership believes that the panel’s findings could lend weight to the efforts to defund the pro-abortion organization.

Speaker of the House John Boehner's resignation opens the position of speaker to someone who might take the Constitution seriously. by Bob Adelmann

Senate lawmakers teamed up on Thursday to stop a GOP-led effort to cut Planned Parenthood’s funding. The vote on the legislation was 47-52 (eight of which were pro-abortion Republican votes), short of the necessary 60 votes to overcome a Democratic filibuster. One Democrat joined the Republicans to advance the bill. Though disappointing for Republicans, the failed vote was widely expected.

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