After being defeated in 2012, Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee quietly announced that they would be holding yet another vote on ratification for the widely criticized United Nations “Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities.” The radical planetary agreement, known as UN CRPD for short, purports to grant oversight of U.S. policies on disabled Americans to an unelected global “committee” of self-styled global “experts.” While the latest bid to ratify the scheme has flown largely under the media radar so far, the opposition is once again gearing up for a fight to stop it. 


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Retaliating against the United States Supreme Court's ruling in favor of the Hobby Lobby, Democratic Senators have are pushing a new bill nicknamed the "Not My Boss's Business Act." The intent of the bill is to restore the contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act despite the Supreme Court's finding that business owners should not have to compromise their own religious beliefs to adhere to a policy set forth by the federal government.

On Monday the House cut the enforcement budget of the IRS by 25 percent.

The latest Internet security bill passed out of committee this week and could be headed for the body of the Senate.

Operation Choke Point, the use of government agencies to cut off banking services to industries the Obama administration doesn't like, is coming under fire from Congress and others.

Export-Import Bank President Fred Hochberg will be grilled Thursday by a House committee over charges of corruption at the agency.

In response to President Obama's controversial decision to swap five Taliban leaders for one American soldier without any input from the U.S. Congress, Republican Senator Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would block any further releases or transfers of Guantanamo detainees. According to Cruz, the president cannot be trusted to make any further decisions on prisoner releases until he explains the release of the "Taliban Five."

An amendment offered by Senator Rand Paul would protect gun and ammunition manufacturers from federal attempts to financially destroy them.

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash has introduced two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2015 that would ban bulk NSA surveillance of Americans.

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