Earlier this week, House Republicans cut a deal with Senate Democrats on a 1,600-page Omnibus Appropriations bill would fund most of the government through September, and fund the Department of Homeland Security through February 27. If the bill does not pass by midnight on December 11, some government operations will shut down. According to the Washington Post, in case an agreement cannot be reached in time, top appropriators have prepared a short-term extension for a vote that would fund the government for a few days while the House and Senate pass the final bill.

The Republican-run House of Representatives approved a 67-percent tax hike on duck hunters Monday, using a voice vote so members could avoid accountability for their votes.

The newly elected Republican majority in the Senate makes it clear to President Obama that they intend to work together with him to pass fast track/Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) for the TTIP and TPP.




Soon-to-be former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may attempt to turn the upcoming lame duck session into a legislative free-for-all.

The $25 billion in wasted taxpayer dollars uncovered annually by Senator Coburn in his Wastebook is likely only the tip of the iceberg.

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