The justifications and clarifications being issued by members of Congress over their votes yesterday reveal one simple fact: There aren't enough Americanists in Washington, yet.

House Speaker John Boehner will almost certainly bring the Senate funding bill to a vote in the House where, if Nancy Pelosi is right, it will pass with overwhelming Democratic support.

As Republican leaders in Congress were publicly fuming about congressional exemptions from ObamaCare, leaked documents show that GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s office spent months working with top Democrats such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to ensure that lawmakers and their staff would be spared from the deeply unpopular healthcare “reforms.” Critics say the e-mails, given to Politico as an act of political retaliation, have once again exposed the political theater in Washington, D.C., for what it is — mostly a show put on for the public by two wings of the same establishment. Still, the real story is not Boehner, Reid, or even their hypocrisy, it is the bigger picture: A Congress that is deceptive, manipulative, and completely out of control.

NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander admitted that the Obama administration has been using misleading statistics to convince Americans that the NSA has successfully foiled numerous terrorist plots.

Even as the federal government is now experiencing a partial shutdown for the first time in 17 years, the Senate has rejected a House motion to form a conference committee to negotiate the differences between the two chambers. As a result, the standoff continues, with no clear resolution in sight.