NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander admitted that the Obama administration has been using misleading statistics to convince Americans that the NSA has successfully foiled numerous terrorist plots.

Even as the federal government is now experiencing a partial shutdown for the first time in 17 years, the Senate has rejected a House motion to form a conference committee to negotiate the differences between the two chambers. As a result, the standoff continues, with no clear resolution in sight.

The moment of truth is now. Constitutionalists will maintain their principles. Others will shed their Tea Party costumes. Americans will shortly learn the difference.

As Democrats and Republicans squabble over federal funding and a partial shutdown of the federal government looms, many in the press are mindlessly parroting Democratic Party's talking points about the shutdown. But what's the reality?

The bill offered by Representative Kevin Brady (R-Texas) to create a commission to study the effects of Fed actions over the past 100 years is gaining some traction.

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