Twenty-six Republicans sided with Democrats on March 22 when the Senate voted 75-24 in favor of a non-binding but instructive resolution allowing states to collect sales taxes from internet companies doing business outside the states, overriding an important Supreme Court case along the way.

Concerned lawmakers and activists across America from all points on the political spectrum have for months been seeking an explanation about the Obama administration apparently stockpiling weapons of war for domestic use. Estimates suggest, for example, that the federal government has committed to purchasing up to two billion rounds of ammunition over several years while rolling out dozens of armored vehicles known as MRAPs on U.S. soil. Meanwhile, the controversial Department of Homeland Security and its boss Janet Napolitano are refusing to provide real answers.

An amendment sponsored by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) to keep the US out of the UN Arms Trade Treaty was approved by the Senate early Saturday morning.

After four years of operating without a federal budget, Senate Democrats unveiled a budget last week that ultimately calls for a $1 trillion increase in new taxes over the next 10 years, while simultaneously increasing spending. The Democrats’ budget has been heavily criticized because it is projected to raise the national debt by approximately $4 trillion. While the Democrats contend that their plan will include approximately $1.85 trillion in deficit reduction, further analysis of the budget reveals that the Democrats have double counted the savings in their proposed budget.

By a party line vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senator Dianne Feinstein's "assault weapons" ban on Thursday.


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