Paul Ryan reneged on his promise to fix the broken system of bill consideration in the House of Representatives.

A federal bill with the backing of the Obama administration would impose the recently repealed Houston "bathroom bill" on the entire nation in the name of "equality."

Congressional Republicans have met with obstacles to defund and/or repeal ObamaCare since the healthcare bill was passed into law in 2010. They’ve had an equally difficult time defunding Planned Parenthood, despite the release of controversial videos that showcased Planned Parenthood’s involvement in an infant organ harvesting scheme. Even with the Republicans holding a majority of both the House and Senate, they do not have the necessary votes to defeat a filibuster. Frustrated, Republicans are now considering a more controversial tactic to repeal parts of ObamaCare, as well as defund Planned Parenthood: budget reconciliation. Unfortunately for the GOP, even that is not without its difficulties.

Senator Rand Paul sent a letter to the inspector general asking him to investigate the lobbying efforts of the Federal Reserve.

With the passage of a transportation bill by the House of Representatives Thursday, Congress is well on its way to reviving the Export-Import Bank, a symbol of corporate welfare that same body was thought to have eliminated earlier this year.

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