President Obama’s refusal to cooperate with Congress has compelled Republicans to take matters into their own hands to avoid a government shutdown. Unfortunately for Republican leaders, these efforts are placing them at odds with their conservative colleagues. And while it may be politically savvy for Democrats to hold Republicans over a barrel or let them take the fall for the resulting government shutdown, creating a proverbial rock or hard place dilemma for the GOP, it is once again a loss for the American people and a win for the Obama administration.

With just a few short weeks left for Congress to reach an agreement on a spending bill, experts are predicting that a government shutdown is likely to take place on October 1.

U.S. Representatives Thomas Massie and Justin Amash  take distinct tacks in opposing President Obama's Iran nuclear agreement.

On Tuesday, lawmakers returned to Washington where they will grapple with tight deadlines on a number of key votes, which include the Iran nuclear deal and a government spending bill that could lead to a potential government shutdown.

Congress has created a monster that is growing more dangerous to the U.S. economy, the Constitution, and the liberties of the American people with every passing day. Now, some lawmakers want to start reining in the regulatory monster with the REINS Act, if only slightly, by taking back some authorities over lawmaking that they were never authorized to give away to executive branch bureaucracies in the first place. But Obama, who last year threatened to rule America by decree with his “pen and phone” if Congress would not submit to his demands, wants none of it, and the White House has threatened a veto.