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Obama Vows to Bypass Congress and Rule by Decree

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Sounding more like a third-world dictator than a U.S. president who took an oath to uphold the Constitution, Obama announced that he would no longer wait for Congress or legislation to impose his radical agenda to "fundamentally transform" America. Instead, in January 14 remarks about making 2014 a “year of action,” Obama declared that his administration would expand its rule-by-decree machinations through the use of even more anti-constitutional “executive orders” and “executive actions.” The radical plan, analysts say, is setting up a potential showdown of historic proportions with lawmakers and an increasingly outraged American public.

Of course, over the last five years, the Obama administration has usurped unprecedented amounts of legislative power through the use of more than 150 unconstitutional executive decrees — far worse than the very real abuses perpetrated by his predecessors. On everything from gun control and “education” to “global warming” and energy — all areas that are constitutionally off limits to Washington, D.C., even with legislation — the executive branch has stepped way outside the bounds of legitimate constitutional governance and into the realm of lawless tyranny. Last year alone, the Obama administration imposed more than 80,000 pages of new regulations on America. He also started a war without even informing Congress. 

Instead of undoing the damage, however, Congress has allowed it all to happen. Despite some occasional rhetoric, lawmakers have even been providing taxpayer funding for the administration to implement its extreme and unlawful schemes. With a never-ending parade of major scandals, the public, of course, has had just about enough of the lawlessness, with more than two thirds of Americans saying that the federal government is now “out of control” and threatening basic liberties. Surveys have even shown that a majority of voters support impeachment.

With Congress rolling over, though, the stage has been set for even more draconian rule by decree. “One of the things that I’ll be emphasizing in this meeting is the fact that we are not just going to be waiting for a legislation [sic] in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need,” Obama announced on January 14 before his first cabinet meeting of the year. “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone — and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward.”

Among the areas where Obama claims to be under the mistaken impression that he can rule by fiat is “helping to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible.” While he did not elaborate on the “education” agenda, the administration has been lawlessly bypassing Congress on everything from imposing radical “Common Core” nationalized school standards and gutting privacy protections to decreeing race-based disciplinary policies more recently. Last year, the administration unveiled an unconstitutional plan to start taking over higher education as well. 

Obama also vowed January 14 to use unconstitutional decrees to “make sure that people are getting the skills that they need.” It was not immediately clear what edicts he planned to issue to ensure that Americans were getting the “skills” that he claims they “need.” In addition, Obama pledged to make “sure that our businesses are getting the kind of support and help they need to grow and advance.” It was also not clear what type of “support” he planned to provide, or how he would do it, although news reports suggest he is plotting a bailout for health-insurance companies as the ObamaCare disaster intensifies.

“As I’ve said before, this is going to be a year of action,” Obama vowed, ordering Congress to approve and fund certain elements of his agenda. Among other demands, he ordered lawmakers to pass a massive spending bill that would purport to allow the administration “to take some important steps to provide the services and the help that Americans need and American families need in order to get ahead in this economy.” He also pledged to convene Americans “from every walk of life” to make sure they were ready to rally around his deeply controversial agenda.  

Obama will not do it alone, however; he said his scandal-plagued cabinet bosses would help out. “So one of the things that I’m going to be talking to my Cabinet about is how do we use all the tools available to us, not just legislation, in order to advance a mission that I think unifies all Americans,” he said, citing the belief that “everybody has got to take responsibility” and “work hard” so they can meet the “obligations” they supposedly have to their “communities” and “nation.” Presumably, by “nation,” he meant the federal government. 

Much of the rule-by-decree agenda Obama sketched out involved economic issues. Touting a “manufacturing innovation hub that we initiated” in North Carolina, Obama skipped over the billions of taxpayer dollars squandered on his “green-energy” scams — see Solyndra, for example — and claimed that the fascist-style “public-private partnership” agenda was the way to create jobs and economic growth. He also vowed to prod CEOs into allowing their companies to be commandeered into the service of the administration’s agenda, again hiding behind lofty claims of helping the unemployed.       

“And I am absolutely confident that in 2014, if we’re all working in the same direction and not worrying so much about political points but worrying much more about getting the job done, that we can see a lot of improvement this year,” Obama continued. “And people will look back on 2014 as a year in which we didn’t just turn the corner in the aggregate for the economy, but everybody started feeling a little more optimistic about our futures.” In the real world, as soon as Obama’s announcements hit the press, Americans overwhelmingly expressed feelings ranging from dread and terror to outrage and horror.

Of course, Americans have become accustomed to hearing about third-world dictators ruling by decree. In recent years, for example, Marxist mass-murderer Robert Mugabe has done so in Zimbabwe, as has the late socialist strongman Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. At least in Venezuela, though, Chavez and his successor have obtained permission from the rubber-stamp legislature to govern by executive fiat. In Obama’s America, if Congress refuses to go along with the agenda — a very rare occurrence, to be sure — the administration believes it can simply advance its schemes with “executive actions.”   

There have been some efforts by liberty-minded lawmakers to rein in the lawless administration. Last year, for example, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) joined forces to push legislation aimed at restoring and protecting the Constitution, the separation of powers, and the Second Amendment. At the time, Sen. Paul declared that Obama was not “king,” and therefore, needed to be restrained in his efforts to trample the liberties of Americans by executive fiat.

Rep. Stockman, among the staunchest defenders of freedom in Washington, also came out swinging. “No matter his intentions, the Constitution flatly prohibits the president from just making up his own laws,” he explained after introducing the Restore the Constitution Act. “The orders issued by President Obama are not intended to execute laws passed by the Congress. President Obama is abusing his authority to write his own unaccountable laws. Regardless of your position on gun rights, Congress has an obligation to assert its constitutional authority as the only lawful rulemaking body.”

With House Speaker John Boehner caving in to virtually every demand from the administration, however, Congress has so far failed to rein in the White House — much less hold anyone accountable for the myriad crimes perpetrated by top officials. House Republicans could single-handedly stop the escalating abuse simply by refusing to fund it. In the Senate, meanwhile, Democrats and the establishment GOP have also consistently blocked efforts to preserve the Constitution and legitimate government. How much more Congress and the American people will be willing to tolerate remains to be seen. 

Photo above shows President Obama with Cabinet members, Jan. 14, 2014

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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  • Comment Link rprew Thursday, 16 January 2014 12:57 posted by rprew

    Joyce -
    "rpew, you are getting their lame excuses mixed up, aren't you?"

    ?????????????????????? - What?

    The question was, "How do we get rid of the bum?"
    The answer was a very simple "You can't".
    Congress can impeach but being filled with socialists, liberals who are in fact socialists, and neocons who are defacto socialists, it isn't likely. And even if they did, only the Senate can convict, and there is just no way that can ever happen. Even if more (gag) Republicans get elected to the Senate, the Juan McStains and Lindsey Grahams will far out number the Rand Pauls. Sorry Joyce... the game is rigged.

    Barry is safe in his job until Hillary can take over.

    The only chance is the States... NULLIFY. NULLIFY. NULLIFY. Literally, nullify EVERYTHING the defacto chancellor does and everything unconstitutional the Congress does.

  • Comment Link Tony Butler Thursday, 16 January 2014 06:00 posted by Tony Butler

    So, is it: "Welcome to America the Land of the Free!", or, Welcome to the Obama Dictatorship of America?"

    If Congress will not uphold the Constitution, they cannot lawfully claim to be Congressmen.

  • Comment Link Heidi Preston Thursday, 16 January 2014 02:05 posted by Heidi Preston

    "Instead of undoing the damage, however, Congress has allowed it all to happen." It's a shell game that's been played for a long time. The names of the real players behind Climate Change and Cap 'n Trade, plus the real money behind it all.

    1. President Obama was a board member of the Joyce Foundation which funded the formation of the CCX (Chicago Climate Exchange).
    2.Valerie Jarrett on the board of Joyce Foundation -Obama's top advisor
    3. Al Gore- founder of GIM with Goldman Sachs (G.S.which contributed $994,795 to Obama's campaign)
    4.Franklin Rains-(redistribution of Wealth guy-Patented the mechanism (the technology to measure and manage carbon cap'n trade passes) the pollution from Chinese manufactures for profit have no air regulations but the air floats beyond boarders. Franklin Rains also the CEO of Fannie Mae at the time got the patent on Nov. 7, 2006 day after Dems took control of the Congress.
    5. Goldman Sachs- owns 10% of the CCX and it's 10 TRILLION a year potential....saving the earth is green alright.
    6. GIM - Generation Investment Management (london based) purchased a huge stake in Chicago Climate exchange (fifth largest shareholder) The Founder of GIM is none other than Mr. Climate Change himself ..Al Gore with of course the cash cow Goldman Sachs (his daughter married at one time the Jewish banker grandson of Jacob Schiff).

    There is no conflict of interest or cronyism at the White House and the American people enjoy Democracy which we spread through out the world....and the truth will set you free.

  • Comment Link Joyce Wednesday, 15 January 2014 20:30 posted by Joyce

    rpew, you are getting their lame excuses mixed up, aren't you? What I call the stall technique game being played by both parties to keep the criminals in charge until they finish our destruction - is one representative told his constituents that they had the votes to impeach him in the house but there was no point in filing it because it would just die in the democrat controlled senate. Tired of these lame excuses (otherwise known as lies to keep the stalling and blocking technique alive and well) I told my representative that I was tired of these lame excuses and if it had to originate in the house, then the members of the House should proceed to do their duty and when the papers got to the senate, then we the people could put the pressure on the Senate.
    Frankly I would love to see every guilty congressional member on trial for fraud, treason and high crimes and crimes against humanity, along with Obama and the others.

    Maybe a few billion other messages along the same line to the representatives might get some action started, to replace the play acting.

  • Comment Link Joyce Wednesday, 15 January 2014 20:14 posted by Joyce

    I am not a lawyer, but have been told by one that only congress can impeach the president. That is why I said immediately arrest, handcuff them and haul them off to be detained in the FEMA camps, built to detain us while awaiting resettlement, as in FM 3-39.40 (written by the federal government and dated February 2009), using the NDAA that this fraudulent usurper fought so hard to pass, using just the suspicion of being associated with terrorists, and holding them there without a phone call, a lawyer, or any charges while sorting out what each one of them should be charged with, gives them the chance to experience the laws and regulations that they themselves have made. Many of our congressional members are lawyers! Why have none of them taken the evidence collected by others and filed criminal charges against these murderous illegitimati????

    The first and most frightening illegal thing this fraud did was sign papers sealing all papers pertaining to his past. Since when is a criminal permitted to obstruct justice by concealing all evidence? What kind of legal system allows this??? The second thing that offended me was his signing papers earmarking $23+ million of our tax money for bringing Hamas (terrorist) immigrants to America for the purpose of naturalization on February 4, 2009. More alarming things are emerging daily, some from long ago - like Department of State Publication 7277, which is the federal outline of their plan to disarm American citizens with a release date of Sept. 1961. This document alone coupled with several other things should be more than enough for a conviction of treason, a bogus serial number that can't pass E Verify, is a felony but when he handed out a manufactured birth certificate and said here is my birth certificate, another lawyer in the private field stated that when he said that, he owned it. I think that means he is guilty of fraud and lying about his birth. Again I ask - WHY have none of the multiple lawyers among our Congressional members done nothing to bring about JUSTICE?????????????

    Want more questions I don't have answers for: Who is Harrison J. Bounel? Who is Michelle Guadaloupe? a 91 yr. old female? Is it a bogus name for Michele Obama? Someone connected to property listed to Michelle Obama at 1231 Bayshore, NY is allegedly using the 91 year old female's SSN.

  • Comment Link Joyce Wednesday, 15 January 2014 19:25 posted by Joyce

    There are different views of what would make this the greatest year in American history. Looking at it from my angle, it would be the immediate arrest of Barack Obama, his wife, his czars, his appointees, and all those who helped this post turtle attain a position which he is ineligible and incompetent to hold, beginning with the DNC, the RNC, Nancy Pelosi who allegedly signed letters stating that he was eligible (without vetting him), Joe Biden, Harry Reed, John Boehner, all the congressional members who knew or now know that he is sending monetary funds to the Muslim
    Brotherhood and military weapons to Hamas terrorists and have done nothing to stop it. We are tired of the rest of the world thinking that We the People condone what this criminal administration is doing. We are tired of a do nothing congress that is aiding and abetting by stalling tactics to keep them in charge, or possibly worse part of the murderous criminal activity themselves. Congress - when polls are showing that more than half of our citizens are in favor of removing these corrupt individuals from office -
    quit hiding behind the lie that John Boehner will not allow impeachment to be filed. John Boehner is only one individual with one vote and the rest of Congress outnumber him - and billions or trillions of We the People outnumber all of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive Branch. If John Boehner, or any other congressional member or any other person attempting to block investigation or charges being filed, just add their names to the list to be arrested for treason and crimes against humanity. Too many lives been lost through fast and furious gun program, drone assassinations, monetary and military aid to Hamas terrorists, Benghazi, and Congress has failed too many times to even make an honest attempt to rein in the Executive out of control and usurping powers far beyond those granted him by the Constitution. Congressional members have voted too often to pass bills beyond the authority granted by the Constitution, to the Executive, to Congress or to the Supreme Court.

    What used to be the shining example of a republic of freedom, liberty, and justice for all, has become the bullying terrorist of the world and nothing would make me happier than to know that the biggest group of known terrorists have been arrested, handcuffed and hauled off to be detained in one or more of those FEMA camps,for however long it takes to sort out the charges to be filed against each and every one of them, before making any charges, or allowing them any phone calls or lawyers. These are the rules these terrorists have made and they should have to live with them. No criminal is above the law, no matter how high a position they may hold, and our Constitution is still the law of this land.

  • Comment Link Dino Wednesday, 15 January 2014 19:06 posted by Dino

    You cannot IMPEACH some one who is not and has never been legally President Article 1 Section 7
    Clause 2

  • Comment Link Dino Wednesday, 15 January 2014 19:05 posted by Dino

    You cannot IMPEACH some one who is not and has never been legally President Article 1 Section Clause 2

    To do so and is what they are hoping to continue their NWO Agenda would be to say that OB is Legit and he is not and it would make all that has been done legal and it is not!!

  • Comment Link Dino Wednesday, 15 January 2014 19:02 posted by Dino

    Obama is a known Criminal Fraud USURPER and has no power or authority to do any such thing! Most importantly Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 printed below basically states As long as a FRAUD USURPS the office of President Congress and the Senate can make and pass no laws nor do they possess the power to Ratify!! and if they do pass laws as they are doing now all the way back to 2008 all they do and have done is NULL and VOID!! They are all operating outside the Constitution. This NWO CORPORATION has been criminally De Facto 1871 and the illegal and Treasonous Creation of the USA Corporation.,

    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 is clear

    can physically arrest him and all his Criminal Associates/Assistants......
    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2

    No laws of Congress are valid
    “Congress can pass no law while a usurper pretends to occupy “the Office of President.”
    The Constitution provides that “[e]very Bill which shall have passed
    the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a
    Law, be presented to the President of the United States” (Article I, Section 7, Clause 2). Not to a usurper posturing
    as “the President of the United States,” but to the true and rightful
    President. If no such true and rightful President occupies the White
    House, no “Bill” will or can, “before it become a Law, be presented to
    [him].” If no “Bill” is so presented, no “Bill” will or can become a
    “Law.” And any purported “Law” that the usurper “approve[s]” and
    “sign[s],” or that Congress passes over the usurper’s “Objections,” will
    be a nullity. Thus, if Obama deceitfully “enters office” as an usurper,
    Congress will be rendered effectively impotent for as long as it
    acquiesces in his pretenses as “President.””
    Obama Could not be Removed Except by Force
    a USURPER posturing as “the President,” Congress cannot even impeach
    Obama because, not being the actual President, he cannot be “removed
    from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or
    other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” (see Article II, Section 4). In
    that case, some other public officials would have to arrest him—with
    physical force, if he would not go along quietly—in order to prevent him
    from continuing his imposture. Obviously, this could possibly lead to
    armed conflicts within the General Government itself, or among the
    States and the people. BUT IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IF WE ARE TO SAVE HER!
    Bear in mind, that as an imposter Commander–in-Chief of the Armed Forces, “he will be entitled to no obedience whatsoever from anyone in those Armed forces and Law Enforcment.
    Indeed, for officers or men to follow any of his purported “orders”
    including law enforcement will constitute a serious breach of military
    discipline—and in extreme circumstances perhaps even “war crimes.”
    In addition, no one in any civilian agency in the Executive Branch of
    the General Government will be required to put into effect any of
    Obama’s purported “proclamations,” “executive orders,” or “directives”
    (Viera, J.).
    These two letters are from Judge Dale....
    DICK ACT of 1902... CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) - Protection Against Tyrannical Government

  • Comment Link rprew Wednesday, 15 January 2014 18:50 posted by rprew

    How do you get rid of him? You can't. The only legal (and moral) way is to impeach him. While the House MIGHT be convinced to do such a thing (Boehner not withstanding), there is no way on God's green Earth the Senate would EVER convict.

  • Comment Link Harold A Priest Wednesday, 15 January 2014 18:03 posted by Harold A Priest

    How do we get rid of this jackass??? Why is he continually allowed to destroy the Constitution and the United States.

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