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Congressman Seeking Support to Impeach Obama

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After walking out of Obama’s State of the Union speech upon hearing the president threaten to violate the Constitution and to rule by decree, Republican U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman (shown on right) of Texas says he is now seeking public support for introducing articles of impeachment. Recent surveys suggest that about 50 percent of Americans want to impeach Obama for a wide range of major scandals, and articles of impeachment have already been filed in the House against disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, who is currently in criminal contempt of Congress.  

The grassroots effort to impeach Obama, which has surged in recent years amid seemingly never-ending scandals surrounding the administration, argues that the president has committed numerous high crimes and misdemeanors worthy of removal from office. Among other crimes, experts and lawmakers point to unlawful NSA espionage against Americans, “Fast and Furious” gun running to cartels and the ongoing coverup, unconstitutional wars, support for jihadists in the Middle East, IRS targeting of conservatives, Benghazigate, “green” energy corruption, spying on journalists, refusing to enforce laws, ruling by decree, and more. 

“I’m considering filing Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama,” Rep. Stockman declared on a website for his Senate bid against Texas Senator and Republican Minority Whip John Cornyn. “You see, I walked out of Obama’s State of the Union address last night. Obama defiantly vowed not only to radically expand the reach of government from cradle to grave, but to smash the Constitution’s restrictions on government power while doing it.”

“His goal is to eliminate our constitutional republic,” the conservative stalwart continued in his January 29 message soliciting public support for the impeachment effort. “Last year I said I would consider impeachment as a last resort to stop Obama’s abuse of power. And, quite frankly, we’re running out of options.… He openly declared war on the Constitution.” To be successful, however, Stockman said he needs hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans to stand with him.

While multiple lawmakers have mentioned the prospect of impeaching Obama, Rep. Stockman is the first to publicly suggest that he would actually try to get it done. In fact, according to news reports, the conservative Texas lawmaker has even distributed copies of the book Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama From Office to every member of Congress. “I hope this book helps convince my colleagues to hold Barack Obama legally responsible for his disregard for the law,” he said.

According to Stockman, when the president has been informed of offenses, Obama “sought to cover them up rather than accept responsibility and correct the mistakes.” Among other concerns, Stockman has cited the Benghazigate scandal, the administration’s gun-running program for Mexican cartels known as “Fast and Furious,” crony deals on “green” energy, and ObamaCare. “The lawless Obama administration must be reined in,” the congressman said. 

“We’ve seen how the Obama administration smears and defames their critics,” Stockman said in October of last year. Impeachment should be rare and only considered as a last resort, he continued, but the administration’s offenses continue piling up. “Congress should investigate these scandals and turn the matters over to special prosecutors,” he added.

It appears that Obama’s January 28 State of the Union speech might have been the last straw for Stockman — and potentially many other lawmakers, too. During his address, the president outlined a radical agenda for economic fascism, numerous anti-constitutional schemes, and unconstitutional usurpation of legislative powers using “executive action” on everything from gun control and “global warming” to education, seizing land, and more.

“America does not stand still, and neither will I,” Obama threatened during the speech after having recently vowed to unilaterally rule America using a “pen” and a “phone” through executive actions. “So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.” By “opportunity,” Obama meant lawless government, of course, as explained throughout the rest of his speech.

The public was horrified after the speech, with surveys showing that more than two-thirds of Americans reject the president’s extremist plan to bypass Congress and rule the nation by fiat. About the same percentage say the federal government is “out of control” and a threat to basic liberties, with recent polls also showing that just 21 percent of Americans believe Washington, D.C., still has the consent of the governed. 

Lawmakers, too, were outraged after Obama’s speech. Top GOP congressmen and senators said the “lawless” and “imperial presidency” must be restrained. Other liberty-minded legislators who support the Constitution warned that the president was behaving like a “king” or even a “socialistic dictator” — and that the pledge to violate his oath of office and rule by decree needed to be urgently addressed to preserve America.

Several efforts to restrain the Obama administration are already underway, lawmakers said. Among them: a lawsuit seeking to have the courts put an end to the lawlessness, and the “Stop This Overreaching Presidency” (STOP) resolution, which has already been introduced with some 74 cosponsors. “Sorry Mr. President, but the Constitution trumps both your pen and phone,” said Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), adding that Obama does not respect the balance of power envisioned by America’s Founding Fathers. 

Stockman added that Obama still refuses to admit that his policies have failed. Indeed, the president’s agenda of higher taxes and spending represent a “blueprint for perpetual poverty,” the Texas Republican noted.

“Even worse, Obama has openly vowed to break his oath of office and begin enacting his own brand of law through executive decree,” continued Stockman, who has publicly suggested that there was already enough support in the House of Representatives to impeach Obama for numerous crimes. “This is a wholesale violation of his oath of office and a disqualifying offense.”

Responding to a popular 2012 petition seeking Obama’s impeachment, the White House rejected the idea and defended the president’s record. “The President has deep respect and appreciation for the Constitution — he studied it in law school, he taught students about its principles as a professor, and as a lawmaker and now as President, he's carried out its precepts,” claimed the official response, purporting to justify multiple unconstitutional actions including the war on Libya, which was waged without congressional approval, the appointment of “czars,” and ObamaCare.  

Across America, there has been furious outcry among lawmakers and wide swaths of the public over Obama’s machinations. Even a U.S. judge recently accused the administration of participating in criminal conspiracies. However, analysts say impeaching the president would be an uphill battle — especially with the Senate, which must convict, currently under Democrat control. Republican leadership in the House, meanwhile, has also been accused of enabling the administration’s lawlessness by continuing to approve funding for it.

Still, Stockman, who has also stood up to the establishment wing of the GOP, is receiving widespread support and praise for his effort among increasingly frustrated Americans, especially Tea Party activists. Top conservative commentators have proposed impeachment as well, and multiple lawmakers have broached the subject. Even some prominent liberals have joined calls to impeach Obama. Whether impeachment will succeed or not, however, depends largely on the level of grassroots support that Americans can muster for the effort, Stockman said. 

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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  • Comment Link Frank M. Pelteson Saturday, 01 February 2014 13:29 posted by Frank M. Pelteson

    Sophisticated member of The John Birch Society already know that Obama, just as previous presidents, is just another front man for a group called the INSIDERS. More about these INSIDERS can be learned by playing the YouTube .

    Impeaching Obama may be necessary, but not sufficient. More important is to expose the INSIDER CONSPIRACY that has been with us for over 100 years.

    How do we do that? We start to do that by joining The John Birch Society at ,

  • Comment Link Michael Dalene Saturday, 01 February 2014 06:13 posted by Michael Dalene

    Impeachment is a JOKE!!! They're all in it, so FORGET IT!

    There are only two ways to reign in government: 1. The use of civil force; 2. The use of Armed Force. The preferable method of course is Civil Force, which can be obtained by boycotting federal elections (all together) and refusing to Honor the results while installing Americans at the local and State levels which will Defend and Protect the sovereign Rights of Statehood...

    And in all Honesty, the People and their respective State governments are so far gone that sadly it would seem the only viable method would be Armed Revolution (aka, Civil War).

    *** Interesting POV: Why would politicians that deem the American public too incompetent to decide the monetary values paid in Civil/medical suits competent enough to vote? Surely, if they are Sane and Reasonable they should easily be more competent to arrive at a fair monetary value in a Civil/medical Suit that they have sat upon and are knowledgeable of the facts than to cast a Vote for People they know very little if Anything about, besides what they've been told or heard---

    I blame the Incompetence of the government first and foremost on the incompetence of voters!

    That the governments of this nation are acting Contrary to the Constitution's they are sworn to Uphold is without doubt, a Fact... the fact that the People allowed it and continue to allow it Proves they are unfit mentally...their contrariness and total disregard of the facts is proof they are Legally Insane and Incompetent... any shrink would classify the average 'american' a "NUTCASE."

    People of this Nation have a Right to Vote. Voting IS NOT a duty! Our duty as Americans was made very Clear in the Declaration of Independence: "... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--"

  • Comment Link Heidi Preston Saturday, 01 February 2014 03:11 posted by Heidi Preston

    Thank you Mr. Newman, for providing us with some useful insights into the on goings of Washington.

    Personally I think it's a waste of time to try to impeach the President because if truth be told ...President Bush Jr. was a chronic offender of Constitutional abuses also and nothing was done, but needed to be done. Two wrongs don't make a right, just saying lets work on something that will at least stall this outrageous defects in leadership. We all need to focus on how we can EFFECTIVLY change the course the President is forcing us on and HOPE it's not too late. Lip service by either side...isn't one of them.

    The point of the article was/ is that people are very unhappy with the actions of a President who claimed to be of HOPE and, what a fox in the hen house that turned out to be.

  • Comment Link Nora Friday, 31 January 2014 23:10 posted by Nora

    I don't think it really matters who introduces what; the American public need to get behind any effort to remove a ruthless, lying, murdering dictator from office who is destroying our republic, day by day. Do you realize that he not only uses the bogus government agencies to harass and silence his opponents, he has granted himself the power to murder any one who gets in his way with a drone strike? No trial.

    We already know that Obama isn't who he says he is, he isn't eligible for office, and he is without principle--a deceiver who is helping the big players in the shadows ruin not only our lives, but those of our grandchildren. Our country is going down the tubes one family farm at a time, and we need to resist the urge to squabble amongst ourselves and focus on taking an offensive position, rather than a defensive one.

    It is a fact that even though they rig every election, they have a very hard time rigging a landslide, and I think that is what will finally rid us of Obama. We need to come out in droves and hammer our representatives in congress with letters, faxes and phone calls demanding that the law be upheld and this man impeached. We must push them into doing what needs to be done, before it's too late. It's gonna be hard to vote from those FEMA compounds, once they disarm and then round up every American! Wait too long, and you're going to wish you hadn't. Ayn Rand said it in a nutshell; censorship is the final straw. Revolt now against this lawless "administration" which is just a criminal gang.

  • Comment Link Harold A Priest Friday, 31 January 2014 19:43 posted by Harold A Priest

    Talk, talk, talk!!!!! Barack Obama, in his first term, did enough to make Nixon, as pure as a new born baby. Instead of impeachment, he gets re-elected. Probably with the help of rigging voting machines and a lot of idiot voters. Quit talking and get rid of the United States' worst enemy.

  • Comment Link Charleston Voice Friday, 31 January 2014 15:04 posted by Charleston Voice

    Impeach talk is all strut posturing babble in an election year for congress. Obama's just the delivery boy. Spend time doing something that won't wear out time, energy and expenses - - like suing the Fed for an audit maybe?

  • Comment Link Sherry Gregory Friday, 31 January 2014 14:51 posted by Sherry Gregory

    Michael Skaggs...Precisely !

  • Comment Link Sherry Gregory Friday, 31 January 2014 14:48 posted by Sherry Gregory

    May I point out that his website and your article state, " I am considering filing articles of impeachment against Barak Obama." As stated before, Stockman is always considering...

  • Comment Link Sherry Gregory Friday, 31 January 2014 14:46 posted by Sherry Gregory

    If this article is about the Senate race, then you need to mention all the candidates running for this Senate seat. Stockman has played to the conservatives and the tea party since taking office, and that is the reason he scores $95% on your Freedom Index. If impeachment is so newsworthy, your publication would be filled daily and/or weekly with articles about/from Congressmen who are filing impeachment proceedings. Since TNA and JBS do not endorse candidates, you should not be giving Stockman such a big "shout-out" over impeachment "filings" that are going nowhere. Again, he needs press coverage and you just gave it to him.

  • Comment Link Michael Skaggs Friday, 31 January 2014 14:18 posted by Michael Skaggs

    A message to the "pro-impeachment of Obama people": Unless you know you can win, don't make the effort. In 1999, the failure to remove Clinton from office was seen by his backers/flunkies/enablers/co-defendants as a victory. You must know up front you can win before spending all that time and money.

  • Comment Link Alex Newman Friday, 31 January 2014 14:13 posted by Alex Newman

    Dear Sherry: This article is not about the Senate race, it is a news story about a member of Congress calling for impeachment. The only reason the Senate race was even mentioned is because the comments about impeachment were made on the congressman’s campaign website. Regarding vetting, this article was not intended to be about the man or his voting record, but rather about his very newsworthy comments on impeachment. As far as I am aware, no member of Congress has filed for impeachment so far. Since you mention it, though, he has a 95% score on the Freedom Index for the current Congress. TNA and JBS do not endorse candidates for public office.

  • Comment Link Sherry Gregory Friday, 31 January 2014 13:23 posted by Sherry Gregory

    The real contender in this race against Cornyn is Dwayne Stovall,, and I would certainly like to see equal time given to Stovall.

    I cannot begin to explain my disappointment with TNA over this article on Steve Stockman - it appears that you have not really vetted this man. He is a farce, and is always starting an "investigation" or "about" to do something to get press and/or money. Since the day Obama took office in 2009, every Congressman has been "filing" impeachment proceedings, starting impeachment proceedings, or "about" to start impeachment proceedings on Obama. This issue is dead in the water, but Stockman needs press and money! I may not be renewing my subscription to The New American or the John Birch Society after this article.

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