The ATF Elimination Act, introduced on Thursday, January 12, by Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), is an attempt to do the right thing but for the wrong reasons.

As Inauguration Day comes down to the wire, the moves of globalists and intel chiefs point to frightening prospects.

Obama's legacy might be likened to that of Augeas, whose piled up excrement needs immediate cleaning despite the seemingly daunting size of the job. 

The walk back to full enjoyment of the Second Amendment is a long one, taken one step at a time. This bill, if passed, would lower hurdles to buying a suppressor and be one of those steps.

With less than a week left of Obama’s presidency, a coalition of organizations has collected more than a million signatures on a petition urging Obama to issue a full pardon to Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who revealed the size and scope of the surveillance conducted by the NSA and other federal agencies. Snowden fled the country and has lived in exile in Russia since May of 2013. If pardoned, he could return to American soil a hero to many.

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