Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., asked his customers to turn his stores into gun-free zones.

Why did the Social Security Administration decide to issue these "final" rules within days of the end of the Obama administration, when the NICS background check system has been in place for decades?

In his latest Waste Watch report, Representative Steve Russell highlights $140 billion in “cost overruns, poorly designed programs, and money that was dumped down the drain.”

On Wednesday, the North Carolina legislature rejected a bid to repeal the state’s controversial transgender bathroom law during a one-day special legislative session. The bill failed by a vote of 32-16 after Democrats refused to approve a provision that would ban cities from passing certain pro-LGBT ordinances during what the Republicans called a “cooling off” period.

Fedgov started insuring student loans in 1965, and then making student loans directly in 1993. The painful consequences of those actions are just now becoming visible.

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