A constitutional amendment aims to balance a property owner's right in Utah against a city's ability to arbitrarily restrict this right, unless a compelling state interest can be shown in protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.

As the weapons of the surveillance states grow more and more sophisticated and the courts and Congress conspire to deprive the people of their right to be free from unwarranted searches and seizures, there is a suggestion by a California asemblyman and several legal experts that the unheralded Third Amendment may be deployed as a shield against the attacks.

A bill prefiled in the Missouri state senate would require law enforcement to obtain warrants before using the Stingray tracking device.

A Missouri state representative has prefiled a bill that would nullify unconstitutional executive orders.

Though President Obama continues to lobby for more federal and state gun-control laws, at least half of Americans are opposed to such things as assault-weapons bans.