Hillary Clinton's anti-gun proposals are getting long in the tooth as she trots out further incursions into an unaliendable right.

Since the purpose of our military is to fight and win wars, why is the Pentagon using drones to conduct surveillance on American citizens in the skies above the United States?

A bill blocking enforcement in Arizona of any unconstitutional act of the federal government has been passed by a key committee of the state House of Representatives.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to consider a bill that would make jury nullification a part of the state's criminal code.

Earlier this week, the West Virginia legislature overturned a veto by Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin on permitless gun carry in the state. The bipartisan override of the veto means that starting on June 5, anyone 21 and over will be allowed to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, the Washington Free Beacon reports.