Almost two years after Edward Snowden revealed the scope of NSA spying on American citizens, a federal court has issued another extension to keep the domestic spying program going until June, when Congress will vote on whether to reauthorize section 215 of the PATRIOT Act.



While Selma history may be in the news, Spokane patriots were making real news standing up to the federal government — and winning.

Wikipedia's lawsuit against the NSA highlights the all-inclusive scope of the NSA's relentless and unconstitutional collection of information on Wikipedia's customers.

The groundswell of public and congressional opposition against the ATF's proposed ban on 5.56 M855 rifle ammunition was so swift and strong that the agency announced on Tuesday that it was backing down.

The American Civil Liberties Union has announced that it will file a lawsuit against the National Security Agency and the Department of Justice on behalf of organizations including Wikimedia (the parent company of Wikipedia) and the Rutherford Institute, over the government’s mass surveillance program.