With respect to the difficult and potentially dangerous position in which Arizona Governor Ducey and the other 30 or so state executives find themselves, one wonders where in the Constitution states are required to ask the federal government’s permission to exercise a power they specifically retain under the Bill of Rights, namely the power to grant or refuse permission for entry into their sovereign territory to an immigrant, no matter what label that immigrant is given by the federal government.

The battle over the legality of NSA surveillance is heating up again. Just last week, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon ordered the NSA to stop collecting the telephone data of a California lawyer. Without any real delay, an appeals court set that injunction aside, allowing the NSA spying program to continue unabated in its vacuuming up of data about the phone conversations of Americans.


Judge Richard J. Leon of United States District Court for the District of Columbia, delivering a ruling on November 9, blocked the National Security Agency’s (NSA) program that collects Americans’ domestic phone records in bulk.

Several hundred Yale students protested a Free Speech conference at the university, hurling obscenities and spitting on the presenters when the conference ended.

A former U.S. comptroller general says the national debt is actually $65 trillion, more than triple the Congressional Budget Office's figure of $18 trillion.