The FISA Court continues covering up the record of the federal government's unconstitutional collection of personal data.

The South Carolina State Senate continues debate on a bill that would partially block enforcement of ObamaCare within state boundaries.

A committee of the Missouri House of Representatives approved a state senate bill that would nullify the federal government's attempt to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

The Oklahoma state House of Representatives decided not to apply for a constitutional convention.

Property owners and farmers in Virginia are celebrating after another victory in the battle against what critics said was oppressive government schemes infringing on private-property rights under various pretexts. Known as the “Boneta Bill,” SB 51 was quietly signed last week by Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe following a public uprising over draconian regulations and harassment targeting family farmers — and Martha Boneta’s small farm in particular. In Virginia and nationwide, however, the battle continues.


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