In a commentary posted by CNN on January 21, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for Americans to “reclaim our democracy, reform our distorted campaign finance system and restore access to the ballot box in all 50 states.”

Thomas Jefferson called nullification the "rightful remedy" for all federal usurpation. Despite this, many state legislators still don't seem to understand that power is only counteracted by power.

In the wake of the recent San Bernardino shooting in December, gun permit applications are swamping local and federal agencies.

Ignoring due process now appears to be the battering ram of choice by anti-gun politicians, this time in Oregon.

In recent years under President Obama, federal agencies have been stockpiling military gear, body armor, and riot gear. As concerns continue to mount over an increasingly bloated federal government, agencies whose primary function is administrative have been progressively militarized. Agencies such as the EPA, FDA, and IRS. Since 2006, 44 federal agencies have spent an astounding $71 million on items such as guns, ammunition, body armor, and riot & tactical gear. Expenditures which have citizens and government watchdog agencies alike casting a wary eye.

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