A bill offered by a pair of South Carolina state representatives would block enforcment of the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage mandate.

A University of Texas at Austin panel has recommended that campus policy permit concealed handguns in classrooms. The recommendations are part of an overall effort by the university to comply with Governor Abbott’s “campus carry” law that was signed into law last spring and will take effect on August 1, 2016. 

A federal judge has denied an application filed by Texas officials for a restraining order to block the federal government from resettling Syrian refugees in Texas.

It was 57 years ago at the Indianapolis home of Miss Marguerite Dice when businessman Robert Welch began his marathon two-day lecture that launched The John Birch Society. There were 11 friends and business associates present and they listened intently as the philosopher-historian and great lover of America told them during 17 hours why they should join with him in an organization designed to preserve the American dream. Most agreed on the spot to be the Society’s first members and the organization was born on December 9, 1958.

The Supreme Court has once again disappointed constitutionalists in their rejection of a grand opportunity to clarify, once and for all, what the Second Amendment is all about.

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