Many liberty-loving Americans cheered the circuit court decision against the NSA's phone spying, but will the Obama administration just ignore it?

Anyone checking in for an airline flight on January 1, 2016 and thereafter will be turned away if his driver’s license isn’t “REAL ID compliant,” according to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials.

In Texas, we’ve affectionately dubbed the state’s biennial legislative meeting the “Lege.” But by Lege’s end, one group wasn’t feeling the love. A highly contentious issue over, of all things, the U.S. Constitution was responsible.

In Texas, the campus carry bill passed the Senate and is now on Governor Abbott’s desk; he promised he would “sign any bill that expands gun rights on campus.”

The Obama administration is proposing regulations that could “censor online speech related to firearms” and subject violators to “severe” penalties, the National Rifle Association (NRA) warns.

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