Oops! The climate-alarmist movement and its armed enforcers have egg all over their face, again. After being warned that they may be breaking federal laws prohibiting criminal conspiracies against constitutionally protected rights, the state prosecutors persecuting skeptics of man-made global-warming alarmism are under growing national pressure to respect the rule of law, and the First Amendment in particular. Among other developments, one of the think-tanks being harassed is asking the federal judiciary to slap the Virgin Islands attorney general with a fine for his attack on free speech. More moderate state attorneys general, meanwhile, have also joined the fray, calling the probe of energy giant ExxonMobil and other targets a “fishing expedition of the worst kind” in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the ideologically motivated scheme.

Joseph Robertson was convicted of violating the Clean Water Act on his property in Jefferson County, Montana, despite evidence to the contrary.

The Louisiana State Senate passed a resolution calling for a "constituitonal convention."

Wyoming rancher Andy Johnson settles his suit against the EPA, freeing himself from exorbitant fines and leaving his stock pond in place.

As North Carolina finds itself in the cross-hairs of the federal government, the Tar Heel state seems ready to stand its ground against federal intrusion into what is — at most — a state issue. The case over North Carolina's controversial HB2 may well serve to check the vital signs of States' Rights.


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