Herman Cain has written an op-ed calling for an Article V convention.

On May 19 the California state Senate voted 29-1 to approve SB 828, the California Fourth Amendment Protection Act, which would prohibit the state from helping any federal agency that attempts the “illegal and unconstitutional collection of electronic data.” Though the bill does not specifically mention the National Security Agency (NSA), its sponsors, Senators Ted Lieu (D) and Joel Anderson (R), said the legislation does target the spy agency.

In a decision handed down earlier this month, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the right to a jury trial guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.

A federal judge overturned a ban on same-sex marriage in the state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday. According to Fox News, "In his decision, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III called the plaintiffs — a widow, 11 couples and two teenage daughters to one of the couples — courageous.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has filed a motion opposing the Obama administration's motion to dismiss his class-action lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of NSA surveillance.

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