Chick-fil-A has been enduring the wrath of the pro-gay community recently because of the company’s Christian stance on same-sex marriage. However, what was once a conflict of ideologies is now becoming an issue of constitutional rights, as city officials are attempting to block efforts to open Chick-fil-A restaurants.

Judge Stephen W. Smith has criticized the law permitting the process of obtaining an electronic surveillance warrant to be kept secret.

The U.S. Supreme Court may soon take up a case to determine the constitutionality of the "insanity" plea. A brief has been filed on behalf of Joseph Delling, who in 2007 killed two men and injured one, asserting that he is a type of Jesus and that the men he targeted were stealing his energy. The brief asserts that by denying Delling the right to plead "insanity," the state of Idaho has violated his constitutional rights.

The Justice Department is suing a telecommunications company for challenging a request from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for customer information — despite the fact that the law authorizing the request explicitly permits such challenges.

The families of three American citizens killed by U.S. drone strikes are now suing for wrongful death. According to the families of Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, his sixteen-year old son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, and operative Samir Khan, the murders are unconstitutional because they violate due process as well as the Fourth Amendment.