The White House task force led by Vice President Joe Biden unveiled some of its proposals to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms Tuesday, a plot that critics say would lay the framework for gun registration and eventually confiscation. Among other schemes, the Obama administration is plotting to adopt almost 20 “executive orders” on gun control while pushing for more draconian legislation, drawing a prompt and fierce rebuke from advocates of the Second Amendment. One Republican in Congress is even threatening to file articles of impeachment. 

Many Americans are familiar with the 10 amendments that comprise our current Bill of Rights, but what of the other two proposed amendments that didn’t make the cut? What if one of them actually was ratified? What if recognition of that ratification would bring about a significant and fundamental change in the composition of the Congress?



State lawmakers in Indiana and South Carolina have introduced bills seeking to nullify Obamacare inside the borders of their respective states.

At a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) spoke out in defense of the Fourth Amendment and promised to continue to fight against FISA.



While Vice President Joe Biden has been conducting a week of meetings on efforts to curb gun violence that seemed to be focused on nothing but more gun control, President Obama has signed a law that ensures lifetime protection for himself and his family, as well as the safety of future presidents.