In a new book, Liberty Amendments, radio host Mark Levin is calling for a new constitutional convention to fix the evils of the federal government. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have joined him in this effort.

RFID technology has advanced to the point where a chip, installed in the grip of a handgun, will allow the government to render the gun useless instantly.

A bill that would protect citizens of California from indefinite detention under the NDAA is headed for the floor of the state Senate.

Recent revelations by the Washington Post have confirmed that NSA abuse of Americans' privacy through unconstitutional warrantless surveillance is far more prevalent than agency requests for information on terrorists. And these revelations have also put to lie President Obama's claims that there has been no abuse of privacy by the NSA.

In a brief filed in a federal court, Google claims that users have no expectation of privacy with regard to e-mail content.