Oklahoma woman Kaye Beach refused to renew her driver’s license several years ago as a means to protest forced biometric enrollment, a decision that prompted a full-fledged legal battle. It appears some progress has been made in the suit, as a motion for summary judgment has been filed in Beach’s lawsuit on June 19. The motion is a request for judgment in her favor, contending that all the factual and legal issues are in her favor.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Windsor, the federal government's power to define marriage is established.

A man and his family from suburban Las Vegas have sued local police for forcing them from their home in order to use it as a command center from which to surveil his next-door neighbor.


The Public Safety Committee of the California State Senate unanimously passed a bill that would partially prevent participation by state officials in the indefinite detention of Californians.


July 5, Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri vetoed a state bill that would have protected the right to keep and bear arms from federal infringement.


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