Freedom of movement, enshrined in Western law as far back as the Magna Carta, continues to suffer at the hands of government in the United States. All airline passengers are subjected to (often humiliating) searches and can be denied their right to travel by government agents. Railroad and subway passengers are often searched as well. Now, it seems, even taking a taxi in New York City can precipitate treatment as a criminal suspect — a constitutional violation that the New York Civil Liberties Union is challenging in court.

Los AngelesSaturday, May 28, marked yet another successful Nullify Now! tour, this time in Los Angeles, California. Sponsored by the Tenth Amendment Center, the Foundation for a Free Society, The John Birch Society, and other liberty-promoting groups, the event took place on the 30th flloor of the AT&T Tower, boasting a fabulous view of the downtown area of Los Angeles. With an impressive view, an array of prominent speakers, and fellowship building, the event proved to be an enormous triumph.

Barack ObamaAs reported by The New American, on Thursday, May 6 Congress passed a four-year extension of the unconstitutional powers included in the Patriot Act. These unprecedented powers include allowing the federal government to search records and use wiretaps of terrorism suspects without satisfying the conditions of the Fourth Amendment.

The complaint of a single individual in New Jersey’s Neptune Township over the presence of religious symbols at a commencement ceremony last year forced the Township school board to reach an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union to make sizable changes to this year’s event.

Los AngelesThe "Nullify Now!" tour heads to Los Angeles, California this weekend and promises to include great speakers, local musicians, and grassroot activism for liberty. Set to take place at the ATT Tower Penthouse on Saturday at 4 p.m., the event will focus on a number of current issues plaguing the United States, including inflation as a result of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies, the unconstitutional privacy invasions at the airports, and the war on drugs. Saturday’s event will not only analyze these issues, but all offers a simple solution: state nullification of unconstitutional federal laws such as ObamaCare.

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