Writing in the Huffington Post, Larry Harris, Jr. proposes a rewrite of the Second Amendment that would disarm all but the "militia" and "hunters."

Senator John McCain and others are proposing a bill that would grant expansive new surveillance powers to the FBI and would place those powers outside of oversight.

The Gloucester County, Virginia School Board filed an emergency appeal with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on July 13, asking the High Court to put on hold a lower court decision requiring the district to allow a transgender girl who “identifies” as male to use the boys’ restroom when she comes back to school in September.

A bipartisan group of 25 U.S. representatives has created the House Fourth Amendment Caucus to protect privacy rights that Congress does away with seemingly at a whim.

In defiance of the rights protected by the Fourth Amendment, the state of South Dakota forcibly catheterizes anyone refusing to submit to a urine test.

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