An American citizen reportedly surrendered to Kurdish troops in northern Iraq. He is suspected of having fought with ISIS. has warned that last Friday’s disrupted Donald Trump rally is only the beginning of its campaign against First Amendment rights disguised as an anti-Trump movement. The Washington Times reports that the left-wing organization, which has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, is raising funds in order to continue to disrupt Trump’s campaign rallies.

Video footage from passenger Shawna Cox’s cell phone supports claims, say the Finicum family and supporters, that police and FBI planned to kill LaVoy Finicum from the start and opened fire on him when he posed no threat.

Hillary Clinton's anti-gun proposals are getting long in the tooth as she trots out further incursions into an unaliendable right.

Since the purpose of our military is to fight and win wars, why is the Pentagon using drones to conduct surveillance on American citizens in the skies above the United States?