In what analysts are suggesting is highly suspicious, establishment voices want American intelligence agencies to feed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “fake” briefings. As the Republican and Democrat nominees begin receiving classified intelligence briefings, questions surrounding the accuracy and completeness of the information Trump is getting may indeed be warranted. For one, top officials and prominent voices, including Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, have openly and repeatedly called for intelligence agencies to supply “fake” briefings to the Republican nominee.

Members of the Revolutionary Communist Party have traveled 90 miles north from Chicago to Milwaukee to join in what founder Carl Dix calls a “righteous rebellion.”

After a Milwaukee police officer fatally shot a man Saturday, protests continued Sunday night, prompting National Guard troops to be put on alert.

Following a fatal police shooting of an armed black suspect Saturday afternoon, Milwaukee erupted into the requisite rioting and looting that has become the hallmark of lawlessness so common in the inner cities of America.

A former NSA whistleblower recently asserted — with convincing evidence — that the FBI has access to the more than 30,000 e-mails Hillary Clinton deleted before turning over her server. Since the NSA vacuums up all Internet traffic and Hillary didn’t bother to encrypt her e-mails, the FBI could simply access that database as it has countless times before. Her e-mails are not lost; they are merely hidden.


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