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Feds Let Mexican Cartel Hit Men Kill in U.S., Senior Lawman Told Stratfor

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The U.S. government allowed Mexican drug cartel hit men working as “confidential informants” for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to murder people inside the United States, an American federal law enforcement supervisor told the private intelligence firm Stratfor in e-mails released by WikiLeaks. ICE neither confirmed nor denied the allegations when contacted by The New American.

The explosive leaked documents containing the claims were part of a massive batch of e-mails stolen by hackers from the Texas-based intelligence-gathering firm. Among other startling allegations, official sources in the Mexican and U.S. governments told the company that American special-operations forces were in Mexico under the guise of fighting the drug war.

Additionally, a U.S.-based Mexican diplomat and other sources claimed that Washington, D.C., was working with certain favored drug cartels — especially Sinaloa — in an effort to put smaller criminal organizations out of business. The e-mails echoed allegations made in numerous reports and statements by officials, drug-cartel operatives, and other sources, indicating that the U.S. government was deeply involved in the narcotics trade.

Perhaps the most astounding information, however, had to do with the U.S. government allegedly allowing Mexican cartel hit men across the border into the United States to murder targets. A Stratfor source identified in the documents as “US714,” whom the firm described as a “US law enforcement officer with direct oversight of border investigations,” made that explosive accusation in an e-mail dated April of last year.  

“Regarding ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] screwing up informants: They [ICE] were handling big hit men from Juarez and letting them kill in the U.S.,” explained the federal law enforcement supervisor, who in a separate e-mail also said American troops were already in Mexico engaged in joint operations with Mexican forces. 

Instead of expressing shock about the major allegations against ICE, a Stratfor employee responded by mentioning that the intelligence-gathering outfit had already written about the issue, pointing to a 2009 piece published online entitled “Confidential Informants: A Double-Edged Sword.” In that article, Stratfor highlighted the story of a confidential ICE informant, Ruben Rodriguez Dorado, who was involved in the murder of yet another confidential ICE source in Texas.

When asked by The New American about the federal law enforcement supervisor’s allegations in the correspondence with Stratfor, ICE refused to either confirm or deny the accusations. Instead, ICE spokesman Brandon Montgomery with the Department of Homeland Security offered a statement explaining the importance of confidential informants to criminal investigations.   

“Confidential Informants (CI) are an extremely valuable and necessary part of law enforcement efforts to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations. One of the most effective ways to do this is by turning insiders within these organizations and utilizing their information as CIs,” Montgomery explained. “Insiders can provide information that cannot be obtained through any other means.”

According to Montgomery, ICE will substitute an undercover federal agent for its confidential informant as soon as possible to ensure that the investigation is carried out by trained law enforcement professionals. “ICE initiates a CI through a regulated and controlled process and ICE takes significant steps, including training of ICE agents and audits of CI files when working with CIs,” the spokesman concluded.

Analysts focused on the Mexican drug war and the roles of U.S. officials, meanwhile, were not surprised by the most recent allegations leveled against ICE either. In fact, as noted by multiple analysts, it would not be the first time that the U.S. government has been involved in eerily similar scandals.

“Though Stratfor source US714’s revelation may seem too dark to be true, Narco News has already documented, via the multi-year House of Death investigative series, that ICE, with the approval of US prosecutors, allowed one of its informants to participate in multiple murders inside Mexico in order to make a drug case,” wrote investigative reporter Bill Conroy, one of the premier journalists covering the broader drug war.

The so-called “House of Death” scandal surrounded another ICE informant, Guillermo “Lalo” Ramirez Peyro, who was simultaneously working with the Juarez cartel. In that case, federal officials knew their paid informant was involved in torture and multiple murders, yet continued to give him what numerous analysts and other officials described as a “license to kill.” 

When the truth eventually came out, the federal government fired the customs agent, Raul Bencomo, who was “handling” the murderous CI. But according to Bencomo, he was simply made into a scapegoat to protect higher-ranking officials at ICE and their bosses all the way into the heart of the federal government who knew exactly what was happening.

"He [CI ‘Lalo’] would report a murder, and either we heard it on a phone, nobody told us to stop doing the case," Bencomo told NPR in a 2010 interview after being fired over the scandal. "We were told to continue, so for them to say that they didn't know about it, that is a total lie."

Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council (LEOAC) chief Andy Ramirez told The New American that there were some differences between the “House of Death” scandal and the more recent allegations surrounding ICE. For one, the informant was not killing in the United States — those murders took place at a property in Mexico.

When that scandal began to unravel, though, a cover-up began almost immediately, said Ramirez, who tried to get lawmakers to investigate. “Lalo was locked away with an attempt to deport him to Mexico that lasted several years until we got Congress involved in Lalo's case,” he explained. “But the ‘hey’ here is DOJ and DHS knew and knew the Mexican government knew. Mexico ultimately wanted border and immigration policies changed by Junior Bush's Administration almost immediately.”

According to Ramirez, such facts have become “common” considering what he described as “mismanagement” by DHS, to which ICE answers, as well as the Department of Justice. “CIs are used for what they can gain info-wise and then hung out to dry without thought, just as our Border Patrol Agents are,” Ramirez said.

But there is a reason not much has been done to investigate the problems, let alone hold anyone accountable. “Congress has ignored the criminality of these cases in order to protect their presidents as titular party heads,” said Ramirez, who regularly speaks out against abuses under both parties. “I know because I reported the House of Death case personally to the Hill and was ignored by what up to that point were ‘friends’.”

While working with confidential informants is hazardous by its very nature — they tend to be hardened criminals, often have ulterior motives, and can sometimes be serving as “double agents” — the questions being raised must be addressed. Was ICE deliberately allowing cartel hit men to murder in the United States? What sort of investigation, giving ICE the benefit of the doubt, could possibly justify such a scheme?

Even more importantly, perhaps, are accusations that the U.S. federal government is actually at the heart of the drug trade itself — allegations made by top officials and analysts on both sides of the border as well as by criminal operatives. The Obama administration continues to stonewall congressional investigations into DEA drug-money laundering, ATF gun running in Fast and Furious, and more. The CIA, meanwhile, has also been accused of deep involvement in the drug trade for decades, and even recently.

Whether or not the whole truth will ever emerge about the federal government’s nefarious activities surrounding the drug wars remains unclear. But from what is already known, the picture that emerges is highly disturbing, according to analysts — at least that much is clear. Activists say it is past time for Congress to find out what exactly is going on and hold those responsible for criminal activity to account. 
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  • Comment Link J. Warren Clark Thursday, 01 November 2012 13:46 posted by J. Warren Clark

    Mr. Wolf. As I see it even though you and I are scandalized by this stuff, there are a great many Americans, perhaps even a majority or near that, who do not disapprove of this and other policies that are not only a violation of the Constitution, but of state and local statutes. In a word, they are not scandalized by our own government being involved in the violation of laws that, if they themselves were caught violating them, would put them into prison for years and years! This means of course that they have not thought at all. In the minds of these hawkish "realists" this is justified as "necessary in the fight against terrorists and drugs" and all the other fake wars. I mean, how is it possible for what is essentially a criminal element to conduct a "war on crime?" They conduct a war, to be sure, but that war is directed only to those who question them, namely to their own citizens. So, unfortunately these otherwise good people have not thought for themselves and have allowed their "thinking" about this to be scripted for them by a pernicious corporate (official) media, which media is loathe to remind people that this sort of immunity from prosecution is one of the central features of monarchy that the Founders attempted to formally thwart with a totally new constitution.
    Of course, a second, and perhaps worse problem, is that our judicial "system" (our court of last resort) is similarly not scandalized by these entrenched behaviors of our government employees--employees of the sovereign citizens of the American Republic.
    So, it seems to me that at this point all avenues for redress of grievance are blocked, and with a public so deeply asleep to the dangers all around them of an increasingly authoritarian system (not the rule of law), there is little we can do beyond refusing to go along with the system--for example, voting for the "lesser of two evils" would be not only a vote for evil but a vote for the system that has instituted and formalized evildoing. For all of this we must withhold our consent. The alternative is to betray our conscience, to betray our selves, and when the citizenry itself is so corrupted then there is no hope whatsoever. Thus it is imperative that we hold on to our conscience despite everything that is going on around us. Without an intact and functioning judgment, when things fall apart there will be no one left to pick up the pieces.
    That is my view. JWC

  • Comment Link Ross Wolf Thursday, 01 November 2012 11:16 posted by Ross Wolf

    ENOUGH! When U.S. Government Helps Cartel(s) Import Drugs…

    Should U.S. Government Pay Americans’ Drug Rehab Costs—If the Government Is Helping–Cartel(s) Import Illegal Drugs?

    If The latest revelations are true, mentioned in the October 5, 2012 New American article “Stratfor Sources: U.S. Troops in Mexico as Feds Aid Cartels” that U.S. Government supports certain drug cartels as “first reported by Narco News”, after WikiLeaks released hacked e-mails from Stratfor, it would appear to confirm accusations made last year by a top Sinaloa operative Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, that U.S. government offered his criminal syndicate virtual immunity to import multi-ton quantities of drugs across the border.

    If U.S. government is helping the Sinaloa or other Cartel commit murder, run a criminal racketeering enterprise that imports tons of drugs into the United States—Americans that are injured by the illegal Cartel drugs / criminal enterprise should file Civil Racketeering Lawsuits against the U.S. Government and the law enforcement agencies that participated.

    U.S. criminal courts order defendants as a condition of probation, to attend and pay for expensive private and non-profit drug rehab programs creating a $12-Billion dollar industry. If e.g. the Sinaloa Drug Cartel is the predominant importer of drugs into the United States because of U.S. Government support, shouldn’t the U.S. Government pay the drug rehabilitation costs of American drug users? It would appear Californians injured by a Cartel’s illegal-drugs that U.S. Government helped import into the United States, could sue U.S. Government and any law enforcement agency that assisted the Cartel import illegal-drugs under The California Drug Dealer Liability Act Effective January 1997. In brief the “Act” provides a civil remedy for damages to persons in a community injured as a result of the use of an illegal controlled substance. These persons include parents, employers, insurers, governmental entities, and others who pay for drug treatment or employee assistance programs, as well as infants injured as a result of exposure to controlled substances in utero (" drug babies"). This “Act” enables them to recover damages from those persons in the community who have joined the marketing of illegal controlled substances. A further purpose of this Act is to shift, to the extent possible, the cost of the damage caused by the existence of the market for illegal controlled substances in a community to those who illegally profit from that market.

    Consequently if U.S. Government supports the Sinaloa Cartel or other Cartel that import illegal-drugs into California, victims of illegal-drug use may be able to sue the U.S. Government along with all other participants.

    Every year innocent landlords of residential rental property and motels defend their property against Government Civil Asset Forfeiture because unbeknownst to an owner, a tenant or guest at their property is alleged by government to have sold or distributed illegal drugs. It is absurd and a conflict of interest for U.S. Government to forfeit real estate from innocent landlords if U.S. Government—is assisting Mexican Drug Cartel criminal enterprises import illegal drugs into America.

    Many U.S. Cities have blocks of blighted buildings caused by illegal drug activity that caused real estate values to collapse with local property taxes communities depend on to support their infra structure. If U.S. Government is helping the Sinaloa Drug Cartel or other cartels flood America with illegal drugs, cities and counties damaged economically by U.S. Government’s illegal-drug activities should file Civil RICO Suits to recover damages from U.S. Government and law enforcement agencies that assisted Mexican Drug Cartels import illegal drugs into the U.S.
    See California Drug Dealer Liability Act Effective January 1997, other states passed similar bills.

    Illegal-drug distribution in America increasingly corrupts police and the courts. If U.S. Government is helping the Sinaloa Drug Cartel or other Cartel import illegal-drugs into the U.S what kind of message is U.S. Government sending to law enforcement. Almost every week the news reports police arrested for selling and planting illegal drugs, taking bribes, falsifying evidence to arrest U.S. Citizens. Police corruption can only get worse if U.S. Government supports drug-Cartels.

    See the October 5, 2012 New American Article at:

    Wednesday, 31 October 2012: Feds Let Mexican Cartel Hit Men Kill in U.S., Senior Lawman Told Stratfor by Alex Newma

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