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Ex-Marine Gunner: Ferguson Shot Pattern Vindicates Officer Wilson

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Does the unusual shot pattern in the Michael Brown shooting incident tell the tale of whether or not Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson fired in self-defense? Ex-marine and video blogger Michael Wilson (no relation) certainly thinks so. And he has created a presentation explaining the significance of the pattern and why he thinks the Brown family autopsy ultimately will vindicate Officer Wilson.

Relating his background in marksmanship, Michael Wilson says, “In the Marines I was a corporal; I was a squad leader and the gunner on a 60-millimeter mortar. And in that position I had to qualify with a pistol.” He then points out that whether you’re in the military or on a police force (or anytime anyone is trained in the use of handguns, for that matter) you’re taught to aim for center mass, the torso, as it’s the easiest target to hit and is where most vital organs are located. For this reason, Michael Wilson was immediately struck by the Brown family autopsy report. He said:

The autopsy showed that Officer Wilson was pulling his shots to the left — his left....

You can see that the shots are going down the right side of Mike Brown’s body, hitting his arm, in fact; if Officer Wilson had pulled his shots any further, he would have missed him altogether. So why was Officer Wilson pulling his shots to the left?

Note also here that the 6’4”, 290-pound Brown’s torso was a very large target.

Having said this, it’s harder hitting targets with a handgun than most people think (it’s not like in the movies), and, when under the stress of a life or death situation and facing a moving assailant, hitting your target is more difficult still. Yet if this were the cause of Officer Wilson’s inaccuracy, or were he just a bad shot, his off-target grouping would be random. But this was not the case — again, there was a definite pattern. What does it mean?

Michael Wilson explains. He mentions “Josie,” the friend of Officer Wilson who called into The Dana Show on NewsTalk 97.1 KTFK, gave the officer’s account of events, and said that Brown had punched Officer Wilson in the face. This certainly explains the injury Officer Wilson suffered, an orbital blowout fracture of the left eye. Michael Wilson then connects the dots further, saying that if Brown was right-handed, and most people are, the left side of the face is precisely where he would have struck the officer. He then gets down to brass tacks:

So, here’s why his shots went off to the left. They have the fight, he [Officer Wilson] gets punched in the face, and if you’ve ever had a black eye, you know that not only does it hurt, but your vision automatically gets blurry. And you start squinting.... And so in order to see straight, you kind of tilt your head and cock it a little bit to the side. You can’t help it; it’s automatic; it’s just part of being human. And that means that when you’re firing a pistol, it’s automatically going to pull the pistol in the same direction. In this case, to the left.

Michael Wilson proceeds to fill in the blanks: Officer Wilson, with a painful and blurry left eye, is shooting at a charging Brown. But he’s pulling his shots left and starts hitting Brown in the arm with vertical variation “because when Brown is running ... his arm is going up and down, right about in line with the middle of the chest [center mass], where Officer Wilson would have been aiming.” To clarify, the shots are random in terms of height — some higher on the arm and some lower — because the arm is moving up and down, as it does when one runs. So when a given part of the arm passed through chest-height range, where Officer Wilson was aiming, it was in the line of fire. But while the height varied, all the arm shots were virtually the exact same distance left. This is consistent with a shooter with Officer Wilson’s left-eye injury: Left-right aim is affected negatively but uniformly, while up-down aim is unaffected and only varies in accordance with the target’s movement. Conclusion? Officer Wilson was a good, but injured, shot.

Michael Wilson continues, “As Brown gets closer, the shots start moving in closer to the center of his body.” This is because the closer your target is, the less time the bullet has to go off course (it’s a major reason why it’s easier to hit a golf green from 100 yards than from 200 yards). Then there was the fifth shot, which struck Brown around the right eye, which not only is closer to the center of the body, but, points out Michael Wilson, is consistent with “the way you normally run — you start leaning forward.” Note that the shots moved up even higher, from arm to head, possibly because a shot and increasingly frenzied Brown might have dropped his head even lower into more of a bull-rush posture.

Then there was the final shot, which hit Brown in the forehead or middle of the head and is “exactly what you would expect,” said Michael Wilson. In other words, after having been shot around the eye, it makes sense that Brown would have started falling forward in the direction he was running, bringing the upper part of his head into the line of fire.

Michael Wilson’s point is that all the shot-pattern evidence is consistent with the police’s story, with an injured but good marksman firing in self-defense at a charging and aggressive target. Note also that it takes only a couple of seconds to fire six shots with a semi-automatic handgun. It all happened very, very quickly.

The Brown family’s private autopsy, Michael Wilson concludes, “actually works to Officer Wilson’s advantage. It might be the final piece of evidence he needs to show that he’s vindicated, to show that his story is true, and he should not be charged with anything.”

Photo of diagram showing shot pattern from Michael Brown autopsy results: AP Images


  • Comment Link Bill Saturday, 30 August 2014 22:10 posted by Bill

    Now that we know the report of an "orbital blowout fracture" was a hoax, and "Josie" was repeating an account posted on a phony Facebook page, can we expect The New American to publish a retraction, as an honest publication would?

    In light of new evidence corroborating the on-record eyewitness accounts of the shooting -- -- will TNA honestly consider the possibility that this was an act of murder by a police officer, or will we see additional variations on the theme of "Pot-smoking, rap-loving teenage black Super-predator taken out by stalwart all-American uniformed hero"?

  • Comment Link VHH Tuesday, 26 August 2014 09:22 posted by VHH

    Please don't make me laugh...I know European history and blood shed! The only other history comparable is spiritual and that would be the " great flood".
    But, I knew your advanced education would blind you...chuckle! I have another police officer hero story here for your pleasure...The alleged rape of low cultured black women by a police officer in Oklahoma...The 5 million dollar bond is UNFAIR...WHY, they probably attacked him and he was forced to DIP HIS WICK! You all here know what they say about DEM women!

  • Comment Link rprew Friday, 22 August 2014 14:04 posted by rprew


    Have to agree with you about the native Americans knowledge of a sanguinary lifestyle. The pre-European bloodshed exhibited by those such as the Apache, Iroquois, and the Aztecs serve as a splendid example. Archaeology in the American southwest shows the majority of the pre-European peoples died a violent death.

    Looks like depravity is color blind.

  • Comment Link VHH Thursday, 21 August 2014 14:37 posted by VHH

    Dear previous post as predicted you missed the point as advanced intelligence can sometimes do that. I understand. You should use your advanced intelligence and talk or do research and ask any minority and most definitely native Americans about Sanguinary!!!!!! But, you would not be able to accept the reality of the knowledge you may gain...So, it is easier to indicate the these people have some distorted reality.
    Remember this blog when you get to enlightenment...

  • Comment Link Frank M. Pelteson Thursday, 21 August 2014 13:55 posted by Frank M. Pelteson

    Has anyone ever considered the remote possibility that blacks are being implanted with a sanguinary hatred of police so they can become agents provocateur for race riots? Years of communist brainwashing that the police are "pigs," and other communist-invented slurs have programmed the brains of Blacks to reactively combat a stimulus-response manner.

    The question"Who are the brainwashers?" needs to be asked and then investigated.

  • Comment Link rprew Thursday, 21 August 2014 12:21 posted by rprew

    After reading the previous post, I can now understand the rationalization of the noonday stabbing of Venusian roof dancers with uncured pickles.

    Those mushrooms were great!


  • Comment Link VHH Thursday, 21 August 2014 07:51 posted by VHH

    Have you ever wondered why foreign enemies fight so hard and are willing to blow themselves up rather than be a part of something they don’t believe in? Think about it!
    They believe they are fighting for freedom, justice and their way of life!
    When they see crap like this on line and know how we dear Americans offer them a dream of this what you can expect they fight even harder. We will make your women whores and discriminated against and not to mention lie on you. We will give you a racist name that is certainly meant to stick with you all the days that you are a minority in dream and land and you will be forever put down…Come to the land of the free!

    Well, they want no part of what was stolen from the native people and so they fight hard.
    I know you want hear this message due to your advanced intelligence and perfect world, but remember when you are in a more enlightened time or space, NOTHING LAST FOREVER!
    You and your followers will lose to humanity in the long of history and this may be the beginning.

    Also, the so called marine is ridiculous!!!!!!

  • Comment Link Tionico Thursday, 21 August 2014 02:02 posted by Tionico

    Vernon Kuhns a few details you fail to consider: first, the narratives (now corroborated by at least a dozen witnesses who have come forward) had the thug perp about 35 feet away, behind the patrol cruiser, and leaving.. when he stopped, turned, and charged hard. It has been proven many times that any reasonably fit person can close 35 feet in less than three seconds. THAT is why an officer in such a setting will NOT shoot to wound, he shoots to stop the threat. Remember, the perp had been already hit FOUR TIMES, and STILL kept coming hard. What kind of maniac was this punk? Or what drug was he ON (the marijuana in his system does NOT explain that behaviour). Every person trained in the use of defensive handguns is taught. keep firing until the threat is removed. Had the punk stopped in his tracks after the first round was fired (whether it hit him or not), then the officer would have had the option of holding his fire. The threat, all 300 lbs of it, continued coming, fast.

    Another critical detail you fail to consider is this: the kid fell, dead, as he still had forward motion. He came to rest only two or three feet from the officer who had been shooting at him. Thus, the last round, at least, was fired from a range of perhaps eight feet. Given the same angle of error for all the shots (as well explained by this article) the distance of error at 35 feet is a bit more than four times the distance of error at eight feet. Thus, the error would decrease by that factor as the perp closed the distance. The minute of angle error being the same, the inches of error shrink to a fourth when the distance closes from 35 feet to 8 feet.

    You obviously have little to no experience with firearms, or in the realities of self defense. "Why are the police taught to kill instead of apprehend"? Simple... guys like this Brown kid don't play nice, OR by the rules. He'd already assaulted the cop, smashing him in the left eye, and nearly got control of the officer's duty weapon. Then he turns ahd hard charges from three seconds away? He'd already had his chances to submit to apprehension, and rebuffed them. Sorry, my vote is with this cop.

    One more detail: FBI stats reveal that the rate of miss (that is, rounds that do not contact the opposition at all) in police-involved shootings is eighty percent. In other words, for every ten rounds fired, only TWO actually hit the intended target anywhere... even if it grazes an elbow or skims a thigh, it is counted as a "hit". This officer fired six rounds, and got six hits. Have you any idea how rare that is? It almost NEVER happens. Now, add in the fact of his injury, and I'd have to say this man demonstrates an almost unheard of level of marksmanship under stress of a lethal force attack.

  • Comment Link Vernon Kuhns Thursday, 21 August 2014 01:30 posted by Vernon Kuhns

    Oh, and that final shot to the top of the head? Really, just making sure huh?!?!?!

    Why are police being taught to KILL people instead of apprehend them?? What has happened to being trained in skills of handling difficult people rather than shooting them??

  • Comment Link Vernon Kuhns Thursday, 21 August 2014 01:28 posted by Vernon Kuhns

    Why were the last two shots, still at some distance, not also pulled to the left?? I would think the stress of the man continuing to charge the officer after several shots would not have improved his ability to shoot straight.

  • Comment Link joe Wednesday, 20 August 2014 20:14 posted by joe

    well said old mullet

  • Comment Link Old Mullet Wednesday, 20 August 2014 18:11 posted by Old Mullet

    Unfortunately for the police officer that is being thrown under the political and racial bus, the facts no longer matter. Racial prejudices in Ferguson have already been outed. The predominately black population have expressed they do not trust or respect the local law or the state law officers. This is almost exactly like the responses by the black communities responses to the Ebola outbreak. The refuse to believe the predominately while medical (and volunteer) people who were/are there to help save lives. Rioting, looting, and disrespect abounds there also. The very thing a majority of blacks cry out about is "disin'" or lack of respect and that is what they are exhibiting the most. In over 60 years I have never heard of a non black community revolting against neighbors and community businesses in a domestic terrorist way. The family's loss is tragic. Also tragic is the way a (so far) innocent police officer has been condemned by the residents and the media by mob rule.

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