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Black Cop Kills Unarmed White Youth — Media and Feds Silent

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Oct. 1, 2014 correction: We have just learned that, based on recent news reports and the release of a video of the shooting, the police officer is apparently Hispanic, not black. We relied on the information available at the time from World Net Daily and other sources regarding the officer's race (the police department said only that the officer was nonwhite), and we apologize for the mistake.

While Ferguson, Missouri, burns with racism and rioting, misinformation and mayhem over the Michael Brown shooting, another American city is also grappling with the death of an unarmed young man at the hands of police. The incident occurred just two days after the Ferguson event, but, unlike in that case, where a white cop shot a black youth, in this instance the races are reversed. Unlike in Ferguson, there is no allegation that the young man attacked the officer. And there is another difference:

The national media, Attorney General Holder, and Barack Obama are silent.

The young man was 20-year-old Salt Lake City resident and father-to-be Dillon Taylor. Taylor was leaving the 2102 South State Street 7-Eleven on August 11 with his brother, Jerrail Taylor, and cousin, Adam Thayne, when the incident occurred. Writes Fox 13:

According to [South Salt Lake police] Sgt. Darin Sweeten, police were called to the scene just after 7 p.m. after receiving a 911 call of a man waving a gun in the air.

When police arrived they spotted the suspect leaving the gas station with two other individuals.

According to Sweeten, the officers demanded that the suspect and the two others surrender.

The suspect did not follow orders and was shot.

Police have not confirmed whether or not the suspect had a gun or why he was shot.

The two other individuals [Jerrail Taylor and Adam Thayne] with the suspect did comply with police.

Allegations have been made, however, that Taylor was a victim of mistaken identity and, perhaps, overly-aggressive policing. As KUTV reports:

Dillon's brother and cousin claim they were on their way to visit his parents’ graves and that Dillon was surprised by the police presence. He was not aggressive, they said.

“He had headphones in, and he couldn't hear [anything], and then they finally surrounded him," Jerrail said. "They're like, 'Get on the ground,' and [he] pulled up his pants and [they] shot him."

Thayne believes police might have thought his cousin was reaching for a gun when, in reality, he grabbed his cell phone.

"I was in shock, because he was wearing a white t-shirt and there was blood all over it," Thayne said. "They ran up and handcuffed him. He wasn't moving."

A witness's video shows police yelling for the two men to remain on the ground as Thayne repeatedly screams that they have shot his cousin.

The two men were taken to the police station, but released hours later without being charged or cited.

Unlike the Ferguson Police, many Salt Lake City law-enforcement officers wear body cameras, and the incident was caught on video. The video is currently being withheld, however; Police Chief Chris Burbank says that it, along with the name of the officer firing the shots, will be released at the “appropriate” time.

Whether or not Taylor actually was the suspect sought by police, he does have a checkered past. Writes WND’s Joe Kovacs, “At the time of his shooting, court documents show Taylor had a $25,000 bench warrant for a probation violation in connection with felony robbery and obstructing justice convictions.” In addition, it has surfaced that he had posted some eerie Facebook messages mere days before his death, saying that he was fighting “demons” and feared it was his “time soon.” As Kovacs also reports, however, “Marissa Martinez, whose sister used to date Taylor, told the Salt Lake Tribune that Taylor had turned over a new leaf. ‘He was trying to do better for himself. And this is what happens to him?’ Martinez said. ‘It was really heartbreaking.’”

Nonetheless, neither Taylor nor the police officer who shot him is on trial right now. Critics, however, say that something certainly should be:

The media.

Addressing media hypocrisy and the racial aspect of the story — Chief Burbank identifies the officer only as “non-white” but media outlets such as WND and Gateway Pundit are reporting he is black — American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson writes:

A brutal natural experiment is underway demonstrating the role of race, riots, and radicals in determining whose death is noted, and whose ignored in racialized America when unarmed young men are shot and killed by police. While American and world media, along with the President and Attorney General of the United States, obsess over the death of Michael Brown at the hands of the Ferguson, Missouri police, few people outside of Utah have heard of the remarkably parallel and contemporaneous death of Dillon Taylor.

On his show yesterday, radio host Rush Limbaugh also weighed in on the double standards. After saying that Taylor “didn’t resist ... didn’t hit the cop ... didn’t try to flee and yet he was shot dead,” Limbaugh pointed out that while the media couldn’t “wait to mention the racial aspects” in Ferguson, they suppress those aspects in the Salt Lake City case. The host then opined:

There’s a mindset out there, and the way it works in situations like this [is] only people of color can be victims. A white person can never be a victim.... The whites are the oppressors. They’re the majority. In the liberal worldview, every majority is an oppressor, whether they’re white or whatever.... The minority is always the victims, and the victims are with whom we should always sympathize, no matter what. And the victims are permitted to do anything precisely because they’re a minority....

And that’s how you have a corrupt or perverted news business in Salt Lake City, refusing to identify a black cop who may have shot an innocent person. That destroys the whole picture we’ve been creating here for centuries. That could totally destroy the image that we’ve been trying to concoct. Oh, man, that could blow it sky high.... And so they come up with these things to hide it or to not reference it at all.

Critics note another double standard, one Salt Lake City residents are, thankfully, exercising completely. While they have participated in protests demanding justice for Taylor, these have not been accompanied by rioting, looting, violence, and calls for the murder of police officers — unlike in Ferguson.


  • Comment Link Bill Wednesday, 01 October 2014 00:24 posted by Bill

    In the unlikely event that truth and accuracy still matter to the people publishing The New American, the identity of the officer in this killing has been made public: Bron Cruz is a Latino, not an African-American.

    TNA has heedlessly passed along arrant gossip as if it were "news" regarding the Michael Brown shooting, much of it -- like the essay above -- heavily seasoned with racial innuendo. If TNA's editorial staff possessed a particle of honesty or commitment to principle, it would publish a retraction of this article, along with all of the speculative nonsense about Darren Wilson's "orbital blowout fracture." This is why I fully anticipate that nothing will be done.

  • Comment Link Emanuel davis Saturday, 30 August 2014 11:04 posted by Emanuel davis

    As I look at Both incidents I feel the issue on both ends are the same.

    How is it that the criminal background always seem to affect our outlook on the person who was killed?

    the only difference between most police and criminals are the police were not caught or convicted of the crimes they've committed and most have a personal issue in life.

    most inner-city communities are policed by the suburban residents that have no vested interest in the community that they police!

    at the end of their shifts they leave the ghetto to become the community supporters of their suburbia community.

    coaches for all the sports and activities within the community that represents their interests.

    While in the community that pays their salary continues to suffer and the children that are affected by their actions daily continue to slide into disrepair and desperate measures to survive!


    i am a man that was affected by these conditions although I am not in that situation now I understand how the dark skin doesn't afford you any respect when the authorities don't know who you are and what your background is!

    or the fact that I drive American vehicles, wear American made cloths and support this country to the fullest!

    in my position I have officers under me and at work for the locations that i control I am received with respect and treated with respect but once I leave this area and outside of my capacity I become another potential criminal!

  • Comment Link joe Monday, 25 August 2014 18:57 posted by joe

    Bryan your correct, this boy was a wanna be thug probably high on crack. We have Dem Senators saying if the officer is not convicted for defending himself there will more riots. There is an answer for riots, unjustified, lawlessness, mob rule. But since our Govt is on the side of this activity kind of hard to stop it.

    Elect those that defend our country not tear it apart. Our country is falling into despair if you want another Syria continue the path we are following, or make the Govt respect and defend what this country was established on.

    Today we have no govt we have a socialist dictatorship.

  • Comment Link Nora Sunday, 24 August 2014 21:14 posted by Nora

    If you keep your head down and stay in your home, you don't really know what the world has become! Our courts are a system designed to part people from their wages for non-crimes, and incarcerate people for ridiculously long periods for real crimes, all at taxpayer expense.
    Our police have become a militarized army, complete with military style uniforms and equipment, who've been trained to see us as their adversary.
    There is a man holding the highest office in our government who is not even eligible for that office, he has obliterated our constitution and waged war without congressional declaration, he engages daily in secret treaty negotiations that will destroy our country financially and completely shred our national sovereignty, and unelected "insiders" are dictating to the people in place within our government who do their bidding. These same satanic social engineers are trying to start both a civil war and a race war, while also attempting to drag the u.s. into another world war.
    The only thing we should be thinking about is putting these "insiders" in some handcuffs. If we let them get us fighting with each other, they've won!

  • Comment Link Frank Sunday, 24 August 2014 20:02 posted by Frank

    BB you sound like a loose bullet waiting for a place to hit.

  • Comment Link David Peaches Sunday, 24 August 2014 15:46 posted by David Peaches

    My friend (we are both white) was almost beaten to death by a black police officer. There was a yard sale in a predominant black neighborhood. My friend, whose an unemployed minister that preaches to people online, wanted to check out some of the items. I immediately thought this was a bad idea. But he insisted, so we went.

    Most of the items were used beat down clothes, a few lamp shades, baby toys and a broken coffee table. I'm pretty sure I heard few racial slurs under the breath of the people there. One lady even said, we don't belong here. Before you know it, the lady running the yard sale starts screaming saying my friend stole something.

    My friend denied it. Then one of her teenage sons/nephews started getting up in our face saying racial stuff towards us. He also used the word dog several times in his threats to hurt us.

    We decided to get out of there. We jumped into my Honda Accord. As soon as I pulled out, a cop car put its sirens on. The cop told us to get out of the car. He said we were wanted for stealing items from a yard sale. He asked for ID and my friend reached into his pocket. Next thing you know the cop knocked him down and was clubbing him. He gave my friend quite the beaten. When the cop was finished, he said if we were came back, we would regret it. We were scared so we never made a report or told people.

  • Comment Link Jim Chambers Sunday, 24 August 2014 12:43 posted by Jim Chambers

    Considering that the media makes the determination regarding what you are exposed to and what you miss, I think we can safely say that the goings on in Ferguson was little more than a media sponsored event. The dead kid, the cop, and the facts were and still are of little importance and merely props. The faces and the ideology of the news readers are what was important. (Notice that big name presstitutes were not present, that they sent in the young turks to face the possibility of harm by the restless natives.)
    This story is just another item to prove the veracity of this claim.

  • Comment Link Bill Saturday, 23 August 2014 22:36 posted by Bill

    Am I correct in my perception that the chief "source" identifying the SLC cop as black is the same Gateway Pundit who disseminated the now-discredited claim that Darren Johnson suffered an "orbital blowout fracture," and provided a doctored X-ray photo as "proof"? That claim was eagerly devoured and uncritically regurgitated by scores of credulous media outlets with less-than-exacting standards of editorial review, including The New American.

  • Comment Link Don E. Marshall Saturday, 23 August 2014 13:13 posted by Don E. Marshall

    Disincentive to shoot people?? Think before they shoot?? What, sit down and make a checklist?? Good paying job? Great medical insurance?? Great Pension?? Bill B. your post is one of the biggest waste of words I have ever seen. You don't have a clue what you're talking about. I was a cop for 7 years before a 'scuffle' left me with a damaged back. 5 surgeries, morphine pump, loads of meds and constant pain. I was hurt at 32. I'm now 61. Almost 30 years of pain every waking moment.. And you know what? In the state I live (Oregon) I couldn't even get my pension until I was 55. Want to know what that pension is? $1205 freaking dollars a month. Big freaking whoop. Being a cop is a thankless extremely difficult job. But I chose the profession and live with the consequences. I have never known a cop who wanted to shoot someone. It's the last thing on their mind. But the first thing might be self preservation. The officer went home but will have to live with taking Michael Brown's life for the rest of his. That won't be easy. Opinions are one thing but making statements about things you know nothing about, especially stupid statements is another.

  • Comment Link Frank Saturday, 23 August 2014 12:23 posted by Frank

    Some people present some really idiotic ideas when it comes to Law and Order. For the most part police protect and defend the Constitution and the rights each citizen is guaranteed by that Constitution. Criminals who wish to injury law abiding citizens, or their property, should be met with that force necessary to stop the injury.

    Criminals would love to see such ideas enacted. Very few people would be stupid enough to become policemen if they knew they would lose their jobs if called to use deadly force. The criminals would have a hay day knowing that the police would hesitate and they would have more opportunity to kill them.

    Some people just have no idea what the world is really like.

  • Comment Link Frank M. Pelteson Saturday, 23 August 2014 11:00 posted by Frank M. Pelteson

    The John Birch Society has taught its members for decades that there is a cabal called the INSIDERS. These INSIDERS use the strategy of WAR, MONEY, and HATRED to gain control of the world. For more on these INSIDERS, please play the video at . Thank you. It might help.

  • Comment Link Rudy2D Saturday, 23 August 2014 03:34 posted by Rudy2D


    Someone been giving you "stupid" pills?

  • Comment Link Kristine Saturday, 23 August 2014 00:20 posted by Kristine

    Right now, you saying this cop is black without any actual evidence stating anything other than "non-white" is equally as dishonest & misleading as every single MSM story about Ferguson.

    The chief said the cop was "non-white", it's not the media choosing to call him that.

    I am NOT saying the cop isn't black. I'm not saying he is. I'm saying the same exact thing that I say about Ferguson--ACCURACY and FACTS matter.

    Intentionally misleading and misrepresenting the narrative to incite hysteria is disgusting.

    If you have verifiable evidence that the cop is black, then great, share it with the world.

  • Comment Link Old Mullet Friday, 22 August 2014 23:14 posted by Old Mullet

    Too many citizens glue themselves to t.v. and theater representations of deadly confrontations. It takes less than one second for a person to aim and fire a gun. It takes nearly two seconds to observe, consider, decide, and act (plus over a second to pull, aim, and fire a gun). No, I do not condone reckless actions by our law enforcers. It just is unrealistic to even think shooting a gun from someone's hand is realistic in a pressure situation. Anyone who can come up with the alternative actions (and reactions), I am sure, will prosper from it. There is a video on y.t. of a man with a machete who kills three of the four police who surround him before he is shot. Tasers are great except (again) there is enough time lag for a suspect to fire a shot before the taser takes effect. So, do they let crime go unstopped? Do they call out from afar? There are many more questions than answers. And more scenarios than conclusions. If the legal "deadly force" is removed from law enforcers, they will be murdered with deadly force.

  • Comment Link Nora Friday, 22 August 2014 21:13 posted by Nora

    Limbaugh is full of himself, but once in a while he finds the nugget of truth. The thing is, all racial tension is a creation of the social engineers who hope they can get us to kill each other off so they can save on bullets.

    The militarized police are another creation of the Satanic social engineers. These rabid police are destined to be disposed of themselves once the smoke clears. It's a shame we can't reach them with words to tell them the lawless activities they are engaged in will come back to bite them, because the globalists are planning to knock them off too. What kind of bull are they feeding these guys?

  • Comment Link Bill B. Friday, 22 August 2014 18:02 posted by Bill B.

    I have a simple formula for dealing with police officers that shoot & kill people: Your first deadly shooting is your last deadly shooting (in uniform)... Any police officer that shoots and kills a person should immediately lose his job... But this shouldn't be a sign of automatic guilt... No, that's an issue to be determined separately (as is done today). This new approach is just a REAL disincentive to shoot people... it forces the officers to THINK before they shoot... so they'll hopefully think "is my life REALLY in immediate danger here? Do I REALLY have to shoot-to-kill this guy in front of me? Or... would I rather maintain my good paying job, my good (great!) medical coverage, my good (great!) pension provisions?" There are A LOT of police officer wanna-be's waiting in queue for new job openings across the country because the salaries and benefits are way better than whats being offered in the private sector. Being a police officer isn't ever a right, its a privilege. And that privilege should expire immediately when its used to extinguish a persons life by force. And it's a very fair trade-off: Your life for your job. You'll get to go home to your family again... but without the job... join the unemployed crowd... it's way better than being dead (like the other guy)... so consider yourself ahead... even without the great salary, the great medical benefits, the great pension provisions... you're still alive... you're the winner here. It's time to give one of those many people waiting in line a chance to be a new police officer... and we'll hope and pray that they never have to confront the choice that you did.

  • Comment Link Bryan Friday, 22 August 2014 11:41 posted by Bryan

    I normally have very little use nor respect for Rush Limbaugh and his sexist and homophobic diatribe, but here he is 'dead' right and clearly addresses the shameful and frightening truth. My fear is if the justice system continues to try to pacify the situation in Ferguson by twisting and bending the truth and attempt to charge, convict and further vilify Darren Wilson. The real criminal is Michael Brown and this must be recognized and finally accepted as the truth!

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