The horrors of an Islamic terrorist beheading in the middle of America --- in Moore, Oklahoma --- illustrates the need for an armed citizenry.

As the threats of terrorism and civil unrest loom, high-tech promises of safety can seem appealing. But what price security? 

The price of marijuana has dropped drastically in the last few years, and many analysts attribute the fall to the legalization or decriminalization of cannabis by several U.S. states. 


Comedian and social activist Bill Cosby, 78, will fight sexual assault charges in a Montgomery County court in Pennsylvania this month. According to his lawyers, Cosby is not guilty and the Montgomery County District Attorney's office is making the case a political football, using it as a focal point in the election for Montgomery County’s district attorney.

With the potential false flag incident exposed, the narrative blaming Donald Trump and the GOP for the fire has evaporated.

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