Following the deadly Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in Paris last week, the Obama administration finally set a date for its global summit on dealing with “extremism.” However, the conclave will not be focusing on Western and Arab governments’ support for extreme jihadists in Libya, Syria, and beyond; or on extreme gun-control schemes that left French citizens defenseless in the face of terrorism last week; or on extreme anti-free-speech policies purporting to ban criticism of Islam pushed by the United Nations, the European Union, and the Socialist French government. Instead, the White House “extremism” summit will focus primarily on expanding the power of government and international bureaucracies — including further censorship of the Internet — under the guise of waging a more vigorous terror war.

Was "the talk" that New York City mayor Bill de Blasio gave his black son the right one? Because, contrary to media myth, a scientific study indicates that police are actually less likely to shoot black suspects.

White is right in activists’ book. That is, the right color to ignore when it comes to stories of people shot by police.

The New York Times blames "union bosses and right-wing commentators" for fomenting police resentment against de Blasio to such an extent that it has caused police to essentially abandon "enforcement of low-level offenses." Yet, says the Times, "the list of grievances" behind this resentment "adds up to very little." But what's the truth?

There has been a 22 percent decline in violent crime since 2007, a period of time in which the percentage of people licensed to carry increased by 130 percent.