New York, Atlanta, Denver, and Minneapolis have joined the Justice Department's Strong Cities Network, an initiative administered by a European think-tank targeting "right-wing extremists."

The Oregon shooter exhibited familiar symptoms before going on his rampage last week, symptoms that tend to show he was immature, lonely, and desperate for revenge.









Using deeply misleading rhetoric, Obama wasted no time in exploiting the tragic Oregon terrorist attack on Christian students, forcibly disarmed in yet another infamous “gun-free zone,” to push for even more unconstitutional restrictions on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. In a speech that was regurgitated by establishment media outlets across America, Obama claimed that the United States was “the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months.” In the real world, if population size is taken into account, America is not even close to the top when considering the number of fatalities in mass shootings per capita — with multiple nations having ultra-strict gun control ranking far higher than the United States. Indeed, among advanced OECD countries, America does not even rank in the top five, official data show. 

Gun controls don't curb criminal behavior, even the latest one enacted by Oregon just weeks before the community college shooting in Roseburg. 

The gunman deliberately sought out Christians to murder in the Roseburg, Oegon, school massacre.

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