Without the protections such as those guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, citizens of China living in America have no place to hide from the communist government in China.

Reacting to the recent killing of a Texas deputy, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke named high-profile accessories in the murder: Barack Obama and ex-attorney general Eric Holder.


VIDEO - In this video, The New American magazine's Andy Ramirez explains how juvenile illegal immigrants serve as drug runners. The sheriff's and attorney's offices of Cochise County, Arizona are feeling frustration with the Justice Department's apathy towards prosecuting ''juvenile drug smugglers.''

Is there a connection between the hateful Black Lives Matter rhetoric and the murder of Office Darren Goforth?

Hillary's protégé Huma Abedin came to work in the White House in 1996 as a junior intern assigned to the first lady. She has been connected with Hillary Clinton — and her political career — ever since. She appears to have been a good student in the ways of playing fast and loose with the rules.

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