A radical atheist killed three Muslims in North Carolina. Now authorities are wondering if the act was a hate crime. But should such a designation even exist?

Churches are considered "soft targets" by many criminally minded individuals. Sheepdog Seminars are helping churches harden security and train "sheepdogs" to protect their flocks from these predatory wolves.

Pastor Kent Hovind, a powerful advocate of biblical creationism who has already served almost 100 months in federal prison as part of what his supporters say amounts to a ruthless government campaign of religious persecution, is now potentially facing up to 100 years behind bars. As federal prosecutors prepare to make their case for keeping Dr. Hovind incarcerated for the rest of his natural life, however, a growing grassroots campaign across America is demanding that he be set free — and that those responsible for allegedly railroading him be held accountable, including the judge, who has developed a reputation among those following the case as having a strong anti-Christian bias.

With the IRS now embroiled in escalating scandal surrounding politically motivated attacks against conservatives and Tea Party groups, analysts say Hovind’s case is now especially important and ought to be probed by Congress.

Who’s more violent? Bill Whittle’s new video commentary eviscerates the deceptive statistics and phony arguments that anti-gun propagandists use to falsely portray the U.S. as the most violent society on earth.

Police officers seize firearms and ammo from a man who was guilty of nothing but getting into a loud argument — and now they refuse to return his property.