Dinesh D'Souza claims that he was selectively prosecuted (for arranging to make illegal campaign contributions to a friend in 2012), but he can't offer proof.

Determined to exterminate Americans' Second Amendment rights, the Obama administration is now forcing banks to choke off lending to those in the gun business.

An attack on a white family in Savannah, Georgia, is just one of the latest in a spate of black-on-white crimes that go largely unreported. They are the "hate crimes" that dare not speak their name.

On August 1, citizens in Minnesota will rejoice that the police can no longer steal their property without being convicted — or even charged with — a crime.

Essentially confessing to mass murder and multiple other crimes, retired Gen. Michael Hayden, the former boss of both the NSA and the CIA, admitted that the Obama administration has been murdering people around the world based solely on the so-called metadata collected by U.S. intelligence agencies. The controversial insider’s remarks confirmed growing fears and warnings by critics of the out-of-control federal government that, despite efforts to downplay its unconstitutional spying and assassination programs, Americans have much to be concerned about.

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