What to do if your child is missing? Refer to the practical advice in “When Your Child is Missing” by Bob Smithers of the Laura Recovery Center Foundation for Missing Children.

In the undercover video Inhuman by Lila Rose and Live Action, abortionist Dr. Leroy Carhart is caught on tape admitting to illegal and vicious practices.

Changes made to federal regulations grant the military sweeping new powers to perform domestic police activities.

As numerous Benghazi-related scandals and even talk of impeachment swirl around the Obama administration with increasing ferocity — fiddling with talking points, deliberate lies, failing to defend U.S. personnel, and more — analysts and lawmakers say the real issues in “Benghazigate” that should have the American people outraged are largely being kept out of the discussion. Questions about U.S. government gun-running to radical Islamists from Libya to Syria, for example, or the wisdom and constitutionality of overthrowing foreign governments, have yet to be seriously addressed by the White House or Congress.  

New Video: Shocking testimony from abortion clinic employees who tell of seeing Dr. Douglas Karpen twisting the heads off newborn babies with his bare hands.

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