Last week a police officer was surrounded by a large, angry crowd and attacked. Some in the crowd were heard saying, "We need to start killing these officers." The situation could easily have ended badly. The officer involved could be dead, as well as several in the crowd. It could have been another front page news story. Instead, the officer — and the other officers who arrived to provide backup during the ordeal — managed to diffuse the situation and arrest the two people who had assaulted the officer.

Bryan Pagliano — who has said he will plead the Fifth when he is called to testify before Congress later this week — maintained the private e-mail server that Hillary used to manage all her e-mails, both work and personal, during her tenure as secretary of state. Hillary's campaign acknowledged only recently that he was paid out of the Clintons' private funds for those services.

The New Black Panthers' call for violence against law enforcement is the latest salvo in the sharply escalating war against local police.

Without the protections such as those guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, citizens of China living in America have no place to hide from the communist government in China.

Reacting to the recent killing of a Texas deputy, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke named high-profile accessories in the murder: Barack Obama and ex-attorney general Eric Holder.