The drug task force involved in the case that resulted in the injury to a Georgia toddler killed an innocent pastor in 2009.

U.S. marshals seized police records revealing the scope of the department's use of cellphone surveillance equipment.

A north Georgia SWAT team seriously injured a toddler with a stun grenade during execution of a no-knock warrant.

A Tennessee law renewing the use of the electric chair has reignited debate over capital punishment. 

On May 22, morning commuters in El Paso, Texas, were unnerved to see two mannequins hanging by nooses, one on each of two roadside billboards accompanied by graffiti-style threats often made by Mexican drug cartels. The words “PLATO O PLOMO” (“silver or lead”) were written in white paint on one of the billboards. The phrase is widely taken to mean “Accept a bribe or be killed by a bullet.”