Following the tragic Dallas police shooting, in which five Dallas police officers were fatally shot by sniper fire, it is now known that perpetrator Micah Johnson was a member of the radical anti-cop Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the founder of the old Black Panther Party.

When Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers attempted to arrest Alton Sterling just after midnight on Tuesday for brandishing a firearm and threatening a homeless man, he resisted arrest and fought with the officers. Before it was over, he was dead and the nation was — again — embroiled in protests and violence as the mainstream media, social media, and social justice warriors decried the shooting as the “murder” of a “good man.”

The tragic shootings of police officers in Dallas raises the question: Is this part of a national plan?

After two unrelated police shootings on Tuesday and Wednesday, many in both public office and the mainstream media have been quick to pass judgment on not only the officers involved, but the entire system of independent police departments across the country. Both shootings — happening 1,200 miles and almost two days apart — involved armed black men and white police officers.

Five Dallas police officers were killed and seven more injured just before 9 p.m. on July 7, as at least two snipers fired on the officers from elevated positions.  

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