The U.S. Army has arrested 22-year-old Specialist Bradley Manning on charges that he has released multiple classified and secret documents to, according to a story published on Wikileaks is an anonymous, online source of classified documents from governments around the world designed to expose government corruption.

Sitting gravely silent in a wheelchair and dressed in his dark green Class A uniform, Army Major Nidal Hasan made his first courtroom appearance on June 1 in connection with the charge that he murdered 13 people and attempted to murder 32 others during a shooting spree on Fort Hood, Texas on November 5, 2009. The proceeding was a preliminary hearing wherein motions by both sides were heard by the judge.

On Thursday, May 13, the FBI and other investigators performed simultaneous raids in four different states in connection with the attempted Times Square car bombing of Saturday, May 1. In Pakistan, officials arrested a man linked to the Pakistan Taliban who claims to have helped the bombing suspect, Faisal Shahzad, in arranging contacts in Pakistan for terrorist training.

Those men and women who have given their final breath to the defense of America deserve surely deserve respect from all Americans. We may disagree about the cause of our country in the particular war in which they served.

Though Faisal Shahzad has not been seen in more than a week, he still remains a hot topic — and subject of both controversy and curiosity. Shahzad is the Pakistan/American suspect who drove a bomb-laden Nissan Pathfinder into Times Square on Saturday, May 1, with the intention of having it explode in that busy and crowded area.