With gun violence spiking in Chicago — a city with draconian gun control laws — many are blaming the restrictive laws, but there is likely more to the situation.

Protests over the November 15 shooting of Jamar Clark are carefully planned, following the rules for radicals intent on overthrowing local police.

The clock that has been ticking on the likely indictment of Hillary Clinton is winding down quickly. The New American reported Monday that the FBI has begun informing close associates of the former secretary of state that they will be interviewed as part of the investigation. Now, it appears that Clinton herself will soon have to answer questions, as well.

There is a growing sense — expressed by legal experts over the past few weeks — that Hillary Clinton will soon be indicted for storing and transmitting classified information over her unsecured, private e-mail server. Now, that sense is beginning to take the form of formal interviews, as investigators are poised to question some people very close to the former secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton has — yet again — been found lying about her e-mails. Though Clinton claimed that she did not use her private, unsecured server for government business before March 2009, e-mails recently acquired and published online by Judicial Watch prove otherwise. And they show that she risked national security by using an unsecured BalckBerry.

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