policeThe federal Community Oriented Police Services, or COPS program, has given police departments across the country something to "CHRP" about with the awarding of $1 billion in economic stimulus grants. (CHRP is the COPS Hiring Recovery Program.)

TaserTaser International demonstrated its new Taser X3 on July 27 at the company’s annual conference for law enforcement personnel. According to a July 28 Fox News story, Taser International Chairman Tom Smith and CEO Rick Smith, Tom’s brother, showed off the stun gun’s ability to fire three times without reloading.

Cory BookerAre you looking for a quick way to make some money in this tough economic climate? Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark New Jersey, has instituted a new city program that can pay people cash for simply making a phone call.

Max MotorsWith car sales down nearly a third from last year, retailers and businesses are coming up with ever more innovative ways to entice buyers to their lots. Hyundai will refund the car if the purchaser loses his or her job. Some companies are providing huge rebates or even free gas. And a car dealer in Missouri is offering a free AK-47.

fingerprintThe Senate has just passed the greatest expansion of federal hate-crime "protections" since the legislation's inception in 1968. While the original law was limited to crimes motivated by race, religion, and ethnicity, the current measure will increase federal scope to cover "sexual orientation," "gender," "gender identity," and disability.