Data reveal that billions of American taxpayer dollars continue to fund questionable or openly corrupt contractors in Afghanistan. The findings underscore the inability of the American military to filter suspicious contractors from the thousands who work with the United States on a regular basis to build bases and transport supplies.



Following a recent uproar surrounding the Obama administration’s hosting of Russian airborne terror troops for joint drills with U.S. military forces in Colorado, outrage is growing about the latest scandal involving foreign forces on American soil. This week, reportedly for the first time ever, soldiers for the mass-murdering Communist Party regime ruling mainland China have been working on “disaster management” with American troops on U.S. soil — supposedly for “humanitarian” purposes. Western analysts and commentators expressed alarm over the developments, but the ruthless dictatorship in Beijing touted the scheme widely across its propaganda organs.  



U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Geneva on November 8 to join in the ongoing talks between the so-called P5+1 nations and Iran. The talks — where the United States is represented by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman —are intended to resolve differences between the Western powers and the Middle Eastern nation concerning Iran’s nuclear fuel enrichment program.



In an October 11 speech delivered before the Values Voters Summit in Washington, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) promised to tell his audience “about a war the mainstream media is ignoring.” Continuing, Paul said: “From Boston to Zanzibar, there is a worldwide war on Christianity.”

Drone operators are reporting that they are sensing psychological ill effects of carrying out the president's kill orders.