Mikhail Prokorov, the Russian billionaire playboy and owner of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets, is being celebrated in the U.S. media as an entrepreneur, but the most telling evidence indicates that he is one of the most important agents in the "charm offensive" of the Kremlin's ongoing convergence strategy.



America's involvement in covert warfare in Syria is becoming more apparent as the Associated Press, among other mainstream media, has begun reporting about U.S. training and arming of Syrian rebel fighters other than the leading Free Syrian Army rebel group. The AP notes that the CIA has been helping to facilitate the distribution of weapons to Syrian rebels for over a year.

The Defense Department is seeking a $150-million upgrade to the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, making it clear to the prisoners — that they are there to stay.

During President Obama's visit to Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan this week, he has met with Israeli and Palestinian officials concerning topics such as Middle East peace, Israel's security, Syria, and Iran.

Glenn Greenwald, the scourge of progressives and neocons alike, has nailed George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum on his explanations of the motivations behind the 2003-2011 war in Iraq.