soldier in AfghanistanThe tide of U.S. public opinion is turning against the war in Afghanistan according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted November 12-15. According to the random sample of 1,001 adults, 52 percent of Americans say the Afghan war has not been worth it.

On November 11, President Obama held his eighth Situation Room meeting in the last two months to discuss the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Administration officials announced afterwards that the President rejected all four war options placed before him and asked that they be revised.

Executives at the private North Carolina-based U.S. security firm Blackwater approved secret payments of about one million dollars to Iraqi officials to "silence their criticism" after its privately contracted guards killed 17 civilians in Baghdad in 2007, the New York Times reported on November 11.

US Navy adThe U.S. Navy has unveiled a new recruitment video commercial boasting that it is now a “global force for good.” Apparently, the U.S. Navy isn't just for America any more. The implication in the video is that the U.S. Navy is no longer just for protecting the nation's shores, but has a much more vast mandate for global service and foreign military interventionism.

Eight years after the war in Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001, in response to the September 11 attacks, President Obama is busy consulting with his national security team to assess our presence there.