Palestinian flagSecretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on July 24 that the United States has given $200 million to help the operations of the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority (PA).

Hizb Ut-Tahrir conference videoAs reported in yesterday's posting, the Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami (The Islamic Liberation Party, hereafter designated by the abbreviation HT), held a recruiting conference in Chicago on Sunday July 19. The title and theme of the conference was "The Fall of Capitalism, the Rise of Islam."

CFRDuring his presidential campaign, Barack Obama consistently promised Americans “change.” Such promises aren’t new to the voting public.

U.S. soldier fatalitiesIt could be argued that the single biggest contributor to President Barack Obama’s election victory was voter dissatisfaction with former President Bush’s neoconservative warmongering foreign policy (which was embraced by Republican presidential candidate John McCain). Ironically, since taking office, Obama has turned out to be eerily similar in the warmongering department.

Sen. Jim DeMintBreaking the silence masking an almost unanimous consensus among U.S. government leaders in support of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, a group of U.S. senators have made public statements asking the Obama administration to look at both sides of the power struggle between Zelaya and newly appointed President Roberto Micheletti.