The big push to “supersize” and transform the International Monetary Fund (IMF) into a global Federal Reserve System has been developing in elite political and economic circles for months. The campaign is now intensifying in the final weeks leading up to the London Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in April. Op-eds in major newspapers, speeches by leading politicians, and papers and roundtables by globalist think tanks are all pushing the same ideas, to wit:

Gordon BrownBritish Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has been working tirelessly for months to promote world financial and economic governance under the pretext of fighting the ongoing global recession, called for a “global New Deal” in a speech before the U.S. Congress yesterday and in remarks at the White House on Tuesday.

Soldiers at Obama speech“Let me say this as plainly as I can: by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end,” President Barack Obama announced in his February 27 remarks at Camp Lejeune. “As a candidate for President,” he recalled, “I made clear my support for a timeline of 16 months to carry out this drawdown, while pledging to consult closely with our military commanders upon taking office to ensure that we preserve the gains we’ve made and protect our troops. Those consultations are now complete, and I have chosen a timeline that will remove our combat brigades over the next 18 months.” That is, 19 months after taking office.

Obama Bows to EU Caving in to pressure from the European Union, President Barack Obama signaled this week that he wanted “Buy American” provisions struck from the so-called economic stimulus package now going through Congress. The $819 billion plan, which passed on the House of Representatives on January 28, requires the use of U.S.-made iron and steel in public works projects. This set off a “quiet fury” among politicians in the European Union, who have denounced the provisions as “protectionism,” even though they are proceeding with protectionist measures of their own on products ranging from auto parts to dairy products.

ObamaOn the morning of Tuesday, January 27, President Barack Obama gave an interview with Al Arabiya, an Arab news network based out of Dubai, in an attempt to quell Arab distrust and hate of America. He also sent former Senator George Mitchell to the Middle East as an envoy to help broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.